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Top 3 Vegan Restaurants in the UK

Vegan Restaurants in the UK

Ditching the steak once in a while can prove to be beneficial for a lot of reasons. A vegan diet is associated with helping people lose weight

However, a Vegan diet has more to it. A vegan diet is more abundant in some nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E. It may also reduce the risk of certain cancers. A Vegan diet also has a low risk of heart disease. 

Although going vegan is a tough choice, these Vegan restaurants will make you ponder over it once again. 

We present to you the top picked vegan restaurants in the UK to make your meat-free Mondays a memorable day. 

1. Ethos   

Located on the east castle Street, oxford circle, Ethos is built out of the zeal to bring out the taste of the vegan diet. It displays a wide range of meat-free dishes in its meals, which are between lunch and dinner. It was also built considering the lack of creativity in the vegan meal options on the high street. This place also takes care of a customer who is allergic to gluten, as it serves several gluten-free dishes. This place displays a wide range of delectable dishes from around the globe. Never miss out on this fantastic vegan restaurant, if you’re around London. 

2. Food For Friends

Located in the Brighton’s south lanes, Just off the Brighton Seafront, Food for friend offers a casual yet elegant ambiance for family and friends get together. The dishes on the menu of Food For Friends is just uniquely amazing. It is an epitome of the most exquisite vegan meal as the ingredients used for making the meals are freshly and locally sourced. The restaurant takes great care of allergens for specific customers. This place is one of the finest and quality restaurants in Brighton. 

3. The River Green Café 

Apart from a vegan restaurant,The River Green Café is an events Venue. The ambiance is informal, and the vegan food served at this place is one of a kind. The unique flavors at the river Green Café hit the tastebuds in a whole different way. 

This place is situated in the lovely village of Trowse, A twenty-minute walk from the city center of Norwich.

Apart from delicious vegan Meals, this place features a wide range of exquisite drinks, including organic wines, local beers. The dishes are prepared on-demand freshly daily. The evenings and Sunday daytime menu are developed by the award-winning vegetarian chef Jan wise. 

 No matter how much we crave steaks, chicken, and meat. Vegetarian food holds its unique taste and health benefits. These vegetarian restaurants are handpicked and will never fail to satisfy your urge for mouth-watering vegan food. These restaurants make the concept of Go-vegan a lot more interesting with their creative and original flavors. Make sure to hop in at these fantastic restaurants with friends, family, or even for a vegan date with your Go-vegan partner! Also, No need to worry if you can’t find a restaurant around you on this list. Explore the best Vegan restaurants near you now.


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Vegan Restaurants in the UK
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