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Why Choose VidPaw to Download Online YouTube Videos to MP4?

VidPaw Online YouTube Video Downloader

I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift for about 8 years. In addition, to listen to her great songs on Apple Music or Spotify in my daily life, I would like to enjoy her music videos over and over again. As we all know, we can’t download a video from YouTube, so I did a lot of searches. Fortunately, I open an article about how to download Taylor Swift songs by using VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader. Before I met VidPaw, I use a screen recorder to save Taylor Swift’s music videos, but lots of them can’t offer high-quality outputs or require an expensive charge. Now, I’m at ease because I have VidPaw.

I tried to recommend VidPaw to my friends who want to download online videos quotes from YouTube to high-quality outputs. But most of them will ask me some questions like:

Why do you choose VidPaw to download Taylor Swift’s videos?

  • Is VidPaw free?
  • Is VidPaw safe to use?
  • What can I get from VidPaw?
  • Is it difficult to use?

If you are also having these questions, I think you can absolutely set your mind at ease. During my usage for a long time, I didn’t meet any difficulty on using it to download any Taylor Swift music video. But it will become not so stable when its team makes some improvements and adjustments for the website. After all, issues are fixed, it will be OK. This is not a big deal obviously.

Is VidPaw free? Yes. I don’t need to pay any extra charge to access all download services. Isn’t it awesome? I tried many video downloader before, but most of them just offer a limited free trial to use. If you want to go on enjoying their services, you need to pay for them. On the contrary, VidPaw is totally free!

Is VidPaw safe to use? In my opinion, yes. First of all, I don’t have to log in the website with my email address before downloading a video so that VidPaw cannot collect my download habit and personal information. Moreover, VidPaw is an online video downloader, which means I don’t need to download software or application to my devices. One of the reasons why I like it is that you can hardly ads on its website. It’s clear and clean.

What can I get from VidPaw? VidPaw offers not only online video download services but also audio and subtitles download services. Moreover, the latest version of VidPaw Online Video Downloader also provides a platform for users to stream online videos directly. What’s more, many free online tools can be found on VidPaw, for example, YouTube to MP3/MP4 Converter, Facebook Video Downloader, Instagram Video & Photo Downloader.

Besides, many of you might care about the output formats and quality of VidPaw. Don’t worry. VidPaw has the ability to output high-quality video and audio. Of course, it also offers a much different output choice of formats.

  • Video Formats – MP4, 3GP, WEBM
  • Video Quality – 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K

Is VidPaw difficult to use? Absolutely not. Only with a few simple steps, you can download any YouTube video by using VidPaw Online YouTube Video Downloader at ease. I’ll show you a simplified tutorial:

STEP 1. Copy the YouTube video link.

STEP 2. Go to and paste the video link to the blank bar.

Paste the Video Link to VidPaw

STEP 3. Choose an output format and quality.

STEP 4. Click “Download” to start downloading.

Select Output Format and Quality

If you don’t want to open another tab to access VidPaw, it also offers quick access to the video download page. Just simply change the video address – add “paw” after “youtube”. > hit Enter key, you’ll automatically navigate to the download page to choose an output format and quality.

Is it really easy, right? But here is a thing you need to pay attention – iPhone/iPad users need to download the “Documents” app on App Store beforehand. Trust me. If you want to download a YouTube video, Official YouTube Blog, you cannot miss VidPaw Online YouTube Video Downloader.


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