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6 Ways To Have Discipline In Your Lifestyle

Disciplined Lifestyle

To be successful and happy in life, self-discipline is necessary. You cannot achieve the highest level of success and satisfaction in life if you don’t have a disciplined lifestyle. Everyone one of us knows a person who follows discipline in their life. They might wake up early, and have a routine of working out, eating healthy breakfast, and then working on their dream job/project.

Or you may know someone disciplined enough to eat only healthy food, they are committed to a healthy lifestyle and never waver. You might think that all this is impossible, and you certainly cannot do it.

But you can, and you should. Having self-discipline is crucial to lead a happy and successful life. Yes, you can be lazy once in a while, but strive to become how you always envisioned yourself. With hard work and motivation, achieving this is not impossible.

Here are some tips that can help you with the same:-

1. Start with a small change

You cannot expect to change in one day and become the most disciplined person ever. It is crucial to take this process slowly, otherwise, you will overwhelm yourself. So, start with a single thing about your lifestyle or your day or yourself that you want to change. It can be waking up with the sun or eating more healthy food or working out every day. When you can change one aspect of yourself, gradually you will get the motivation to keep making positive changes.

2. Identify your weaknesses

The most important thing to do to get discipline in your life is to identify your weaknesses. If you don’t acknowledge your shortcomings, you will never be able to shake that habit and make a positive change to your life.

So, whether it’s eating too much junk or getting emotionally involved and expecting too much, know your issues and try to fix them.

3. Keep motivating yourself

The road to getting disciplined is hard, and the temptation to leave it and go back to your old life will be there. More so when you are not getting the results you were expecting. But don’t give in to this temptation.

Figure out things that motivate you to continue down this path. It can be inspirational or motivational images or videos, or a real-talk with your parents or family or so on.

Everyone has different ways to motivate themselves. For instance, if quotes motivate you, surround your room and office with motivational posters that Canva can help you create.

4. Remove distractions

We tend to give in to temptations which are a setback, especially when we are trying to discipline our lives. For example, I want to sleep at a reasonable time at night, but my smartphone keeps me awake. If the same things happen with you, turn the phone off and put all your willpower in it to not pick it up until its morning.

Once you start sleeping at a reasonable time every day, it will become your habit, and the phone won’t distract you anymore.

5. Have a to-do list

A disciplined person knows what they have to do throughout the day. When you struggle with your next activity, you do things like eating junk or spending hours on social media which is not healthy.

So, the first thing to do after waking up is making a list of things that you want to do in a day. Add anything and everything from getting your project completed to getting your nails done.

When you check off the list, it will feel exhilarating, and you will become a bit disciplined.

6. Accept failures

Some people give up after two days because they messed up. If you want to have self-discipline, you need to change your attitude. You cannot give up after one or two failures because you will experience tons of them.

Accepting them is important because they help you to improve yourself, and avoid things that made you fail.

Similarly, if you set out five goals for yourself for a week, and you completed them, celebrate. Reward yourself with something that doesn’t take away the success, and makes you happy.

Discipline comes from habit when you inculcate positive habits in your life, it becomes your routine, and you yourself become a discipline. Also, its never too late to start making positive changes to your life

Disciplined Lifestyle
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