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Health Benefits That You Can Get By Wearing Socks While Sleeping

Wearing Socks While Sleeping Images

Could warmer feet be the answer to all of your sleeping problems?

As insomniacs around the world continue to search for better ways to relax and unwind at night, we’re beginning to learn that perhaps wearing socks to bed is more beneficial than we once thought. It turns out that when your feet are cold, they restrict the blood circulation throughout the rest of your body, making it harder for you to regulate your temperature and fall into a deep snooze.

The easiest way to overcome this problem is to wear a pair of your favorite socks to bed. Socks provide all the benefits of warm feet, without the risks caused by other solutions, like electric blankets.

Here are some of the amazing health benefits that you can access just by sleeping with your socks on.

The Advantages of Sleeping with Socks on

The main benefit of going to bed with socks is that it will help to keep you warm and regulate your temperature during the night. The National Sleep Foundation says that warming your feet before you go to bed helps to remind your brain that it’s nearly time to sleep.

On top of that, going to bed with socks on can also:

  • Prevent hot flashes: Improving the temperature in your feet and other extremities help to reduce your core body temperature, reducing your risk of hot flashes.
  • Improves cracked skin and dry skin: You can wear cotton socks after moisturizing to prevent your heels from drying out and eliminate daily discomfort.
  • Reduce your risk of Raynaud’s disease: This issue happens when areas of skin in the fingers or toes start to throb and swell because circulation is lost. Wearing socks will keep your blood circulating properly, lowering your risk of an attack.

Tips for Sleeping with Socks on

Some socks are better than others when it comes to getting a good night’s perfect sleep. If you want a relaxing evening, then socks made out of natural fibers like cashmere or wool are often best. These socks might cost a little more than their standard cotton counterparts, but they’re often worth splashing the extra cash. That’s because natural fabrics breathe better during the night.

With natural and organic materials, you’re less likely to end up with sweaty feet if you start to get overly warm as you snooze. Remember, it’s also important to choose socks that aren’t tight-fitting, as those could reduce your circulation and hinder some of the major benefits of wearing socks to bed.

We’d recommend avoiding compression socks unless your doctor tells them to use them. Though these socks are great for increasing circulation, they’re typically designed for use when you’re standing up and walking around – not when you’re sleeping.

Get the Most out of your Bedtime

Remember, there are plenty of other things you can do to improve the benefits of sleeping with socks.

To enhance the results of wearing socks to bed, remember to:

  • Add a moisturizer to help your skin stay soft. You can also try natural oils.
  • Massage your feet to get the circulation going before bed
  • Warm your socks by grabbing them straight out of the dryer, or placing them on the radiator before putting them on

The one possible downside to wearing socks to bed is that you might overheat. If you do start to feel too hot, you can always kick your socks off during the night or leave your feet outside of the duvet.


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Wearing Socks While Sleeping Images
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