“Engineers are a symbol of precision. Happy Engineer's Day.”

“You have the intellectual charisma to create anything new. Happy Engineer's Day.”

“Science is all about knowing, whereas engineering is all about doing. Happy Engineers' Day.”

“Engineers are true magicians due to their creativity and innovation. Happy Engineer's Day.”

“Regards to all engineers who have poured their hearts and souls into their work to create revolutionary innovations.”

“Without a doubt, you and your noble profession made our lives so much easier. Happy Engineer's Day.”

“As an engineer, you have the ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Happy Engineer's Day.”

“Happy Engineer's Day to all the brilliant minds who are always looking for new ways to improve the world.”

“Best wishes to all the engineers who work day and night for the advancement of humanity.”

“Teachers psychologically build the nation, while engineers physically build the nation. Happy Engineer's Day.”

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