“Waiting, Bappa, when is your year gone, now there are few days left for your arrival.”

“The form is adorned with words of your adornment.”

“You are the one who makes you happy, you are the one who makes you miserable.”

“I put fodder, I pray for the cow, keep Ganesha happy, this is my salutation to my friends, Ganesha.”

“There are many difficulties in life but the strength to face them comes only from you Bappa.”

“Me and Bappa have a great grandchild where I don't ask for more and Bappa never lets me down.”

“Ganpati Bappa, just give me the strength to endure whatever you have increased in your destiny.”

“May all the desires of your mind be fulfilled. May happiness, prosperity, prosperity. Pray at the feet of Bappa.”

“Datla says goodbye to her throat, you know me with joy, God, I will come again, you will come again next year.”

“Morya Morya I am a child Tanhe I serve you What do you know injustice My crore crore Moreshwara Ba you put your stomach.”

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