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Wedding Anniversary Around the Corner? Do Not Miss These Anniversary Ideas

Wedding Anniversary ideas

Anniversaries are a huge deal. Many people would want to see the years go by as they enjoy their significant others. But sadly, that is not a reality that many people come to terms with when in relationships. People drift apart, circumstances change, and some relationships do not make it past a year. That’s why it is essential to cherish those that do. If you have been lucky to find that special someone, start thinking of ways to show them how you feel about them. From 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas to spending time with them, it is the little things that count. Remember when a note from a loved one meant the world to you? Bring that sappiness back into your life with lasting love quotes. If you are stuck and cannot find the words to write down on this particular day, here are some ideas:

First off, you need to get a card, which you can buy or craft using your DIY skills. Secondly, keep in mind that it is the quality of the message that counts. Some people get it right in two words, while others have to write an entire essay. Let your feelings come rushing out as you detail how much they mean to you. And while you are at it, be realistic.

On Your Anniversary

Here, think of how your partner has touched your heart. It could be in the way they always know what will cheer you up when you are down. It could be in the endless pranks they pull on you. What gets to you? Look at these examples.

‘When I first met you, I thought that what I loved most about you was your smile. Then I got to know you and realized that your soul was even more radiant. Years on, I have come to know that I have barely scratched the surface. There is a whole lot more to you, and each day is an opportunity to fall in love with another part of you.’

‘Times get tough, but the thing that gets me going is your ability to grow stronger than them. I know that in you, I have a soldier who will match through the battlefields with me. Come rain or come shine, you will stand by me, as you have all this while. I promise you that in me, too, you have a knight on whom you can count.’

‘People have talked about love since time immemorial. Love has built and destroyed empires, set hearts on fire, and opened our minds to an ever-expanding realm. I heard them go on and on about this feeling. But the truth is that I never knew how good it felt until I held you in my arms. And I cannot help but hold on to it, for without it, I am empty. Without you, who am I?’

‘As a kid, I thought I had it all figured out when it came to life. Stay in school and get good grades, clinch a position in a fast-growing company, buy a house, and so forth. I knew that it was the smart thing to do. Now, decades later, with you by my side, I realize that my smartest decision was marrying you. Leave alone that house by the lake, do away with the mutual funds, and forget that retirement fund. The answer was always you.’

When it comes to writing something down for your significant other, do it from the heart. While one-liners can also be great, you will show more thoughtfulness by going all-in with the message. Mincing words is not an option here unless your partner would prefer to skim over the passage. Use pet names, humor, and everything that can help complete the message most romantically. In your quotes, you can also incorporate your wishes for the future. Talk about those walks along the seine and how much you look forward to them.

While a message is highly important on this date, do not forget to get your significant other a gift. What was it your partner wanted again? Have they been talking endlessly about getting a new phone? Have they hinted that they would like a spa day? Handing over the card with a gift is a sure way to earn you another anniversary. All the best! 

These days, a wedding anniversary is no longer considered to be just a yearly event. Couples go to a great extent for celebrating their anniversaries in the best manner possible. But if you are confused about what to do this year then do not worry. We will share 6 superlative ways you can celebrate your upcoming wedding anniversary.

  • Don’t go anywhere, just stay at home. You must be thinking about what a crazy idea this is! Who sits at home on special days when people go out almost every day? That is exactly why we are asking you to sit at home. Looking at such a hectic lifestyle our generation is experiencing and especially living with that constant fear of missing out (FOMO!); the stress levels are reaching stars. So this time, just be with each other at home, order something, have wine and spend time together. As for kids (if you have any), nana-nani or dada-dadi are more than willing to spend fun time with the little ones!
  • Do something for someone else. Yes, we are talking about charity or to put it in a better way, becoming a volunteer. There are so many places where you can contribute like, if both of you love kids then visit an orphanage, if you love dogs then visit a shelter and play with them. Trust us, their happy faces will be the best wedding anniversary wishes for you and that will make you feel blissful internally.
  • Try something adventurous together. We are serious; if you both are crazily adventurous by nature then spending day doing extreme sports will be the best way to welcome your anniversary. Or even better, you could attend an amusement park and try out that crazy roller-coaster which makes your heart skip a beat. Becoming kids again and reliving those young memories will bring such happiness which even a million dollars can’t buy.
  • Host your friends or family at home. Some couples are happy when they are alone and some prefer to have everyone around to share that happiness. If you are the latter types then the best way to celebrate the anniversary is by hosting a party at home. Of course, you can host at a restaurant or café as well but that will be pretty expensive as compared to a home party. But if you can afford, then outside also works perfectly because the only thing which matters is having family and friends around.
  • Visit a luxurious resort: With so many luxurious resorts and hotels coming up continuously, a wedding anniversary is the best time to check out these places. After all, spending quality time with your soul mate away from kids, family members will further strengthen that bond of love. Yeah, we know the term ‘luxurious’ can become pretty intimidating for some but it is ok once to indulge yourself once in a year. Also, there are so many deals and offers available online. You only need to devote some time to research and will be able to clinch the best deal available.
  • Celebrating with the kids: We know, this is the last advice one would prefer to have for celebrating his/her wedding anniversary. But just stop for a second and imagine, will you be able to survive without your children? The obvious answer is NO. So what is wrong in involving them in the celebration? You all can spend a great day-outing together, enjoy a picnic lunch. Trust us! These will be the best moments for both of you as parents which you’ll cherish for years to come.

But do not forget to pamper yourself before the celebrations by visiting a salon and having that much-needed facial, haircut and massage.

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