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What You Should Know About the GRE Test

Know About the GRE Test

With jobs getting more and more competitive, everyone must keep up with the times. A way to do this is to never stop learning. This is why a lot of people resort to taking Graduate studies while working. To be able to enroll in Graduate school, a mandatory prerequisite is passing the GRE Test. If you are interested in taking Graduate studies, here are some things you need to know about the GRE Test.

What Is the GRE Test?

The GRE test is short for Graduate Record Examination, which is an admissions exam solely for Graduate and Professional school applicants. The GRE is composed of tests covering various subject matters such as Biology, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Psychology.

It’s a general exam that is largely accepted by Graduate schools. The GRE measures quantitative, analytical writing, and verbal skills of the applicant.

What Do You Need To Know About the GRE Test?

On planning and preparing for the test, here are some things you need to know before taking the GRE Test.

Institutions Accepting the GRE Test

The first thing you need to know about the GRE Test is the institutions that accept the GRE Test. The GRE is known internationally and recognized by many Graduate schools globally. But, you still have to check out the list of schools that accept this exam.

Once you’ve decided on a program and school, check if the GRE Test is accepted as a metric when you start applying. Make sure that you’re taking the right test first before anything else.

Target GRE Scores

Although Professional and Graduate schools don’t usually impose a minimum score that applicants have to meet, you still need to have good scores. It’s also crucial to know these numbers and make sure you meet them. That’s why it’s also important to study and prepare early.

Scores in the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections are usually ranging from 130 to 170. Points are different per question depending on its difficulty. On the other hand, scores in the analytical writing portion range from 0 to 6.

On average, people score 150 in both quantitative and verbal reasoning; 3.6 in analytical writing. So, these are the numbers to hit at a bare minimum. In addition to that, it’s also useful to know that your GRE scores will be valid for up to 5 years after the test.

Study and Test Prep Materials

The next thing that you have to know about the GRE Test is where to get your study materials to prepare for it. There are numerous resources up for your grabs online.

Although there are official test prep materials available for free on the registration website, it’s still better to get study materials outside of the official ones. External study materials provide a more concise and comprehensive review for the GRE Test.

One of them is the Kaplan GRE materials, which include simulated tests, instruction material, practice tests with answer keys, coaching, and prep books. This will come in very useful when you start reviewing for the GRE Test.

The GRE Test isn’t something that you just walk into. Preparations for this test is a must, and this is where your study materials come in. Be sure to take simulated tests and study the manuals as much as possible.

GRE Test Registration

Another thing that you need to know about the GRE Test is the steps on how and when to register, and where to take the GRE test.

Signing up for the GRE Test is done on the ETS (Educational Testing Service) website. From there, you should be able to create an account. In this account, you’ll be able to register for the exam, see test scores, and obtain test preparation materials.

After you successfully register, you will be able to see a list of available schedules to take the exam along with the nearest testing centers available. You just have to select your schedule and test venue. Afterward, just pay for the exam, which typically costs $190 to $210, and confirm the transaction. There you have it! You are registered for the GRE Test.


These are just some fundamental things that you need to know about the GRE Test. It’s important to prepare very well for this exam because it’s expensive to take and can only be taken a limited number of times with a specific time frame window. Following the tips above, you should be able to get you started in preparing for it.


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