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Which Option is Better: Distance or Regular Degree?

distance learning degree

When the situation of COVID-19 has hit the world hard, the education system has suddenly come to a stop. This was the time when online education came to the rescue. It is not that online education got its introduction during the lockdown. Online education options such as distance degrees have been there for quite some time now. 

But there always has been this confusion among people about which option is better in between distance degree and regular degree. This article will help you in solving this confusion. 

The Classes:

When the difference between distance degree and regular degree is talked about, the very first point is that of the classes. In the case of a regular degree, the students have to attend the physical classes for which they have to visit the college. But when it is about the distance learning degree, there are no such classes to attend on a regular basis. The online portal of the university offers all the modules and options so that the students can easily complete their syllabus without even visiting the college once.

The Attendance: 

Most of the regular colleges have a strict rule that the students have to complete a particular percentage of attendance for the exams. There are so many times when students are not able to appear for the exam due to bad attendance percentage. There is no such trouble in the case of a distance learning degree. This is the reason there are so many candidates who prefer to get admission in distance learning degree from options such as IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).

Projects and Assignments:

In a regular university, the students have to complete several assignments and projects apart from the exam to fetch marks. This takes up much time. There are many distance degree universities such as IGNOU where again students have to prepare projects and assignments apart from the exams. But here they do not have to visit the college for completing the assignments and projects. The topics and guidelines are provided online and the students can complete them at home and can submit them online. This offers convenience as the students can get a lot of time studying and preparing for the exams. 

The Cost of Education:

One of the major factors in which the distance degree is superior to a regular degree is the cost of education. The students often have to pay a higher fee in the case of regular college. If it is an MBA degree, the students may have to pay for the boarding and other facilities also that they are available. 

In such terms, a distance learning degree is much convenient and affordable. The students just have to pay for the course and the exam. For such reasons, many of the students who are not able to afford the cost of an MBA degree from a regular college prefer to go for a distance learning degree. 

Academic Activities:

It is not that a distance learning degree is always better than a regular degree. There are also a number of ways in which the regular degree university of better than the distance learning degree. One such point is that the students in a regular college are able to gain a complete education in terms of many features. There are a number of times when a student may require practical knowledge of a topic such as in a laboratory or so. In such a case, candidates of the distance degree are not able to gain the right exposure.

Here the students who are achieving a degree from the regular university are at advantage. 

Doubt Clearing:

Most of the distance learning universities offer online video meetups with the faculties to clear out any kind of queries or doubts. Though this is a great initiative to help the students clear their doubts from the comfort of their homes, there can be situations when the video can get interrupted in between and the entire session may get wasted. 

In the case of a regular university, when the faculty is teaching a class of so many students, answering the doubts of each and every student may get difficult. In such a case, the students may have to rely upon the tuition options. 

There are also many distance-learning options such as IGNOU that offer a combination of both options. This means, here the students do not have to attend the regular classes. But when they have doubts about any of the subjects or topics, they can visit the center and can clear their doubts from the respective faculties. 

Which One is Better?

There are endless differences between a regular degree and a distance degree. The above-mentioned are only some of the basic ones. In some cases, the regular degree is proven better while in some other cases, the distance degree is better. It depends upon the candidates who are applying for the degree. 

If working professional wishes to pursue further higher studies, attending regular classes will be a difficult option for him or her. In such a case, a distance degree is the best option. The person will be able to get online modules, doubt clearing, and all the other options online so that there is no need to attend a physical college. This helps the person in creating a balance in work and education life. 

On the other hand, for a regular student, a regular degree is the best option in hand. If you are not working somewhere, you have all the time in hand, you should utilize this time in studying in a regular university. A working professional has the option of attaining practical knowledge in the work field. But a student just has theoretical knowledge and availing practical sessions and working on several activities can offer some experience. 

Thus, there is nothing about choosing the better one among both. Both of them have their own merits and demerits. Hence, they are useful to different candidates in different ways. It is only that you need to choose the right degree based on your requirement and convenience.


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