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Why English Is The International Language

English Language

Despite the fact that more people throughout the world actually speak Spanish and Chinese, English still remains the leading language in the world. This is due to the fact that English is the most common second language of all. This is why English tutors are in such high demand.

Globally, some 1.32 billion people speak English as either their first or second language. 

As a result, English is the global language for medicine, commerce, science, business, and several other key areas of our lives. This is also true in the world of diplomacy where it was French that used to be the language that was used.

The latest research findings show that there are actually more people speaking English as a second language than there are those speaking it as a first language. For instance, there are around 379 million native speakers of English, but in the region of 1.32 billion people who speak it as a second language. This shows that it really is growing as an international language. 

Power of The People

The world’s top linguists agree that languages become influential and international as a result of those very people who speak them. The power of the English language is based historically on the military and political influence that the people who spoke it had. The huge British Empire which spanned across most parts of the world is one of the main reasons behind the rise of the language.

It is clear to see then that the rise of the language has nothing to do with its structure. In fact, for many people, it is actually very difficult for them to learn to speak English, with its difficult pronunciations and inconsistent spelling patterns. In addition to these things, the English language has a large number of words to learn, with there being in the region of 615,000 different words in total.

Ability To Adapt

What is particularly special about the English language and what differentiates it from other languages is that those people who do not speak it as their first language can adapt to it in order to get by. 

Despite the fact that English is Germanic in its heritage, only about 30 percent of the words in the language are of Anglo Saxon origin. That being said, this proportion of words makes up around as much as 70 percent of the most commonly used words in general conversation.

Some of the most used verbs in the English language include get, be, see, have, come, do, take, say, go, and make. Each of these is irregular from the standard pattern of English (walk, walked). This is because these words have survived from the older form of the English language.

The main thing that makes English so flexible is that the words within it are heavily borrowed from many other languages throughout the world, including French, Greek, and Latin. This is an evolutionary tactic that has helped the English language to survive over the years and become so popular.


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English Language
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