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Why Modern Men are Choosing the Single Life



Modern Men

For modern men, it seems like marriage is optional. While some may find this alarming, the reality is that a growing number of men, particularly those under the age of 30, are choosing to stay single. Single men living alone is nothing new; however, the majority of these men spend their time dating and having fun with women rather than worrying about settling down and getting married.

So, what’s behind this change in thinking? Experts point out several different factors.

The Causes of Men Choosing a Single Life

Some modern men enjoy the freedom of living alone, not having to answer to anyone. Even though many men think they want marriage and kids later in life, the reality is that today’s workplace environment makes it difficult for a man to be able to focus on raising children while trying to provide for them financially.

For example, consider the United States where most full-time employees are required by law to have at least 30 days off for family leave. However, this only requires that an employee is given time off without pay if they choose to take it. According to some companies, less than half of their employees use all of their allotted paid vacation days each year.

Marriage Statistics are Putting Men Off

Another factor is the current state of marriage in the United States. For example, did you know that America has become a society where 50 percent of marriages end in divorce? While this may seem like good news for family law attorneys and their future earnings potential, it’s not such great news for men who would like to get married at some point in their life.

Unfortunately, statistics indicate that if these trends continue, many young men will eventually reach an age when they are less likely to get married than at any other period in their lives. This means fewer husbands and fewer fathers which could put future generations of children at risk for increased poverty rates and lower academic achievement.

Uncertainty about Women Plays a Role Too

There is also the question of whether the women of today are truly cut out for marriage. Just consider some of these statistics:

  • Women initiate 70% of all divorces, which means they are more likely to be unhappy in their current relationship.
  • According to a national survey conducted by, nearly 50% of men who married within the last 10 years claim that they were divorced for reasons related to infidelity (Source: The Knot Report).
  • 57% of men say that they would not marry the same woman if they had it to do all over again (Source: Pew Research).

With single life becoming an increasingly popular option among men, long-term relationships with women are taking a back seat to simply having fun and enjoying a carefree lifestyle. While this may seem like bad news for women, it’s not so great for men either because they might find themselves unhappy by the time they reach their late 30s and 40s – the age at which many women want to start a family of their own.

Financial Aspects

When you also consider how many working-class families are struggling with medical bills, car payments, and mortgages, it’s easy to see how men are growing tired of having to spend most of their income on expenses they don’t even enjoy.


Mental Blocks

Today’s young men also see how many married men live unhappy lives. While marriage used to be a happy occasion celebrated by friends and family alike, these days you never know what kind of drama may go along with a couple exchanging vows. This leaves modern men wondering if all of the efforts are truly worth it.

In recent years there has been a trend towards less formal weddings as couples choose to have smaller ceremonies or even elope. Couples that decide against holding traditional wedding ceremonies often find themselves just as unhappy due to legal disputes that can follow after the fact when splitting up.

One of the main reasons why men are choosing to live single is because they don’t want to be burdened with having to deal with this kind of drama. Young men today would rather wait until later in life before thinking about settling down and raising a family. That way, when the time comes, they will have more money saved up for their retirement as well as paying off any debts or medical issues that need attending.

The Ripple Effect

As more modern men choose not to marry or start families, older generations may begin to worry about there not being enough younger people around to help take care of them. However, studies show that most modern young people still care about family values and want children; however, they believe you can’t put a time limit on these kinds of things.

So, if modern men are choosing not to marry, does this mean they are destined to be lonely and miserable? Not at all. These days there are many options available for men who don’t want to get married but do still desire companionship through sugar daddy dating. For example, some choose the single life because they enjoy being able to share expenses with a romantic partner to help alleviate some of their financial stress.

Freedom, Freedom, and Freedom

Although some people may find it difficult to grasp why any modern man would choose not to get married, the truth is that marriage has always been used as more of a way for families to bond and forge alliances than an actual union between two people.

When you couple this fact with all of the other reasons men today choose not to marry, it’s easy to see why some men are starting to realize they don’t need another person to make them happy. Men who enjoy their freedom live happier lives because they don’t have anyone tying them down or telling them what they can or cannot do.

Ability to Explore Relationships

When you’re single, there’s no one to tell you that you can and cannot spend time with other people in intimate settings. Even when a man marries or enters a committed relationship, he often has less time alone with his partner than before because both parties have their duties and obligations to fulfill.


Modern men feel like they do not need anyone’s permission to explore relationships with others if they so choose. This means they also don’t have to limit themselves by choosing just one woman at a time either. We all know how difficult it is for even married couples to keep up an active sex life after several years of monogamy; thus, most modern men enjoy having more options available when looking for companionship and intimacy outside the boundaries of marriage.

It’s not just about intimacy either. What also makes some men opt to stay single is the peace of mind they get knowing that no legal obstacles are standing in the way of their freedom or financial stability. A man can’t truly thrive on his own if he’s constantly worrying about whether his wife will take half of his hard-earned money after a messy breakup.


For a man to truly be happy in his life, he needs to focus on himself and what is important. He must learn to take care of his bills, weed out all the negative influences from his life, and prepare for the future with goals that are realistic but also attainable.

Once he’s done all this work on himself, he will be ready to share his life with someone who is equally as committed, affectionate, and attractive as he is. Whether or not that person ends up being a woman is completely irrelevant: what matters most at the end of the day is finding an individual you can trust and confide in so you never feel alone again.


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