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Why Visiting the Dentist is Important to Maintaining Overall Health & Confidence

Dental health

Dental health is very important. Your dentist really is your best friend. You need to not only make regular visits so that you can make sure you do not have any issues that have developed since your last visit, but for regular maintenance.

You want to be able to smile at people, and not be in pain. It is something that can be easily achieved with some education, and the dentistry industry has worked hard to make it a more pleasant experience for people.

Cleaning your teeth every day, flossing, and other tips your entit can give you are going to improve your life.

This great article by Steve Kisely sums up the connection between mental health and dental health in its title: “No Mental Health without Oral Health,” and provides some fascinating insight into the history behind that claim. We will explore here some of the most important factors in oral and mental health’s connections.

A Winning Smile

There is the idea of a winning smile, so conversely there has to be the idea of a losing smile. People with bad teeth are often insecure about them, and will not smile as much. This can have a big impact on how one fares in the world.

“Smile, smile, smile at your mind as often as possible. Your smiling will considerably reduce your mind’s tearing tension.” – Sri Chinmoy

Smiling has been linked to improved mood, lower blood pressure, and better relationships, just to mention a few things. It can both affect mental health, and be an indication of the state of someone’s mental health. People with mental health issues are likely to have dental issues, and this i both a result of neglect, and often the medication they are on.

If you think about it just in terms of interacting with other people, when you smile, and you seem outgoing, things tend to go better for you. People do comment on it, when you smile or don’t smile.

Of course dentistry is primarily concerned with oral health, but some of the things that have caused people to have bad looking teeth, need to be repaired with cosmetic dentistry. When you get implants, caps, or use one of the many options out there for straightening your teeth, it is going to often go hand in hand with repairing the other damage to your teeth.

See someone before they had their teeth fixed, and then see them afterwards, and the difference can be marked. Their confidence with their new smile radiates. Their health may of course be improved, but feeling better about themselves is strangely enough going to have a big impact on how much they take care of their teeth. Oral health checkups should be done at least twice a year, recommended by the professionals at Elite Orthodontics.


For anyone that has had a toothache, they do not need to have it described to them how unbearable it can be. Toothache is incredibly debilitating – it is one of those things like back pain and migraines that make it hard to concentrate and do any work. While you are waiting to get it fixed, it is hard for you to do anything.

It is one of those kinds of pain that is not always easily handled by medication either. Having a great dentist who can help you get your oral health under control, and teach you how to maintain it so that the problem never recovers is essential.

Being in pain from bad teeth – and some people are in continual pain from their teeth – can make it hard to concentrate. This is going to make it hard to be confident, and knowing that you may start suffering from the problem at any point during your day means you cannot confidently plan anything either.

Why do people not get them fixed? Sometimes they are worried that it is going to be too expensive, and sometimes they have a terrible fear of going to the dentist. When you are in pain, the idea of going through more pain can seem terrifying. A lot of people do not know about some of the developments in dentistry that have made pain management very easy, and that dentists are aware of, and making great efforts, to make going to the dentist a much easier experience.

Constant pain can also affect your mental health. It can put you constantly on edge, it can make you grumpy, and it can cause you to become withdrawn. So getting it handled can be life changing.

Other Maladies

The human body is a complex organism, made up of a series of fairly complex interconnected systems. A lot of the time we think of them in isolation because we go to different people to get help with them, but more and more dentists are taking a holistic approach, looking at how teeth are connected to other areas of health. This involves educating people about how bad teeth can impact their overall health.

It has been linked to cardiovascular, dementia, respiratory infections, diabetes, cancer, and a number of reproductive issues. A lot of these problems are easily traceable to the bacteria that can be produced when gums become infected.

Diabetes , for instance is adversely affected by the sugars that are connected to the bacteria that causes periodontal disease, which can make blood sugar levels rocket.

The troubles that can happen in pregnancy are especially scary, with periodontitis and gum disease can cause premature birth and low birth weight in infancy, and other health problems for the mother.

The great thing is, that with education from your dentist, help to correct any current issues, and regular effort to maintain your oral health, you can handle all of these issues before they have a long term effect on you.


Considering everything that can result from bad teeth, it makes sense that you should find a good dentist. If you are not sure about going in and getting a procedure, you should communicate with your dentist. Any good dentist is going to be aware of the fact that people can be scared to come in and get a dental procedure, and they are going to have staff who are trained to set your mind at rest, answer any questions you have, and educate you on what to expect.

Dentistry has come a long way from the scary images that some people may be hanging onto. Think about how great you are going to feel when you have no dental pain, when you are not at risk from the secondary problems that can come with bad teeth, and you are able to smile freely. You are going to be much more confident and you are going to feel better because you are more healthy.


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Dental health
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