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Top 5 Reasons Why You are Not Motivated to Exercise

Motivated to Exercise

Have you been wanting to workout since the time your doctor suggested you to start taking care of your health but have not been able to show consistency in your exercise routine? Well, you are not alone as the majority of people who join an exercise program quit before they have even properly started.

We are going to discuss below the top 5 reasons why people lack workout motivation:-

#1. You Find Difficulty in Being Active:

Most people are not used to do the exercise until they are pushed to do it due to various health reasons. Adding exercise to an already busy schedule seems to be too much hence sticking to the schedule happens less often. As you are not used to this schedule, you may find yourself making every possible excuse to get out of it just so that you do not feel guilty about skipping your workout for the day. If you wish to follow your exercise regime daily, you need to add some discipline and determination to your life.

#2. You Do Not Need to Move in Today’s World:

The reality is that working in a gym for an hour is not really the only time you need to be active but to stay healthy, what you do the rest of the day matters the most. Technology has made everything so easy for us that we forget how we used to move around to get those things done in the early days. there is an app for everything now which means you do not need to move from your couch most of the day and your work will be done. The younger generations are getting more and lazier because of the convenience hence motivating yourself to push around is not so easy. Stop using technology to do all your chores and start doing it yourself. You will feel more active and motivated to move more.

#3. Exercise Seems Like a luxury:

We have been listening to people say again and again how important exercise is and if you are unhealthy, then your doctor must have asked you to include workout in your routine, but you may be failing to do so. This happens mainly because you do not see exercise as if it is a part of your life just like eating or sleeping but it is like an extra luxury. Ingrain it in your mind that exercise is not a chore you are being forced to do, but it is a part of your life without which you will not be able to function effectively.

#4. Exercise can get Boring:

Exercising in a gym can get boring as you will be walking on a treadmill or riding a bike without really going anywhere. Repetitiveness may bore you to your core. Just to make it interesting, do some outdoor activities, play sports, ride a real bike or walk on the sideways instead. If you enjoy going out, this will help you stick to your schedule instead and you may find it interesting as well.

#5. You Don’t See Immediate Results:

One more reason the majority of the people lose inspiration is that they do not see immediate results and they give up. Obviously, you did not gain weight overnight hence you cannot lose it overnight as well. Giving up is not the solution as you may develop diabetes, heart disease, vein conditions, etc. Remember it is a slow process and will take some time, but the results will be long-lasting.

Do you resonate with any of the above? If yes, then it is definitely possible for you to get rid of these demotivating thoughts and getting back in shape by just making a small change in your routine and thought process.


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Motivated to Exercise
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