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Good Night

Here’s Why You Should Send Good Night Quotes in Hindi

Send Good Night Quotes in Hindi

The night is the time for everyone to retire to their beds after a hard day’s work and hope to have a peaceful sleep. Remember the time when you were little and your parents used to tuck you in bed with a sweet “goodnight”? You would hear the simple wish and sleep happily after that. The same effect is what you get with a goodnight text nowadays. It is a simple and genuine text which means you want the person to have a good night. For some reason, such a text really makes one feel happy and it creates an assurance in the head that one is always going to have a good night.

With all the tension and pressure of modern life, sleeping peacefully seems like quite a challenging thing to do with all the thoughts clouding your mind. During such times, a goodnight quote sent by a person who matters helps to divert your mind for a while and put a smile on your face. It is even better if you can send good night text messages or even funny good night photos. This is because you are sending a nice message to a person who matters to you in the language that the person understands. The gesture is something that is always going to be appreciated by the people to whom you send the message.

Reasons to send goodnight messages in Hindi

You can send goodnight texts in any language but there is a certain charm in sending messages in your mother tongue. There is a special and heartfelt appeal to a Hindi text message which is something you can never achieve with messages sent in English. Besides, there is also the issue that not many people are well-versed in English yet and there is no point in sending a lovely message in English that the recipient fails to understand. Hindi, on the other hand, is the national language because a majority of the people in the country communicates in that language.

Sending good night quotes in Hindi shows that you are connecting to the person on a more personal level and it does away with the formal tone and appeal of the English messages. Besides, you get a lot of variety in the Hindi goodnight text messages. You can take your pick from Hindi Love Shayaris, couplets, quotes, and more. You can actually send a different message every day of the week to each person you know and still not run out of stock. So, sending goodnight quotes in Hindi to the people whom you love is any day a good idea.

The importance of sending goodnight messages and quotes

Sending goodnight messages is really important when you want to make a person feel special. It is one of the surest ways of showing someone that you love him or her. In fact, there is no better way to make a person know that he or she is important than showing him or her that you are thinking of them right before you go to sleep at night. The following are a few of the things that are portrayed through a goodnight message.

You want them to sleep well

The kid in you that went to bed at ease after hearing the sweet ‘goodnight’ from your parents is still alive somewhere down inside. Thus, you would still love to get the goodnight text from the people who matter and it is a nice gesture at your end as well to send such messages.

You do not want them to have nightmares

A goodnight text is usually followed by a wish of ‘sweet dreams.’ It implies that you want the person to sleep well and not have the nightmares to keep them awake. A wish sent with love really makes the recipient believe in it and thus, sleep peacefully.

It is like a ritual in the couples

Sending goodnight and good morning messages is like a ritual in couples and they send it every day without fail. Instead of sending in a simple “goodnight” you can make the message even more special by adding some romantic quotes or poems in Hindi. Your special person surely waits for that text every night. Choose a quote that shows your love for the person and it will surely spread a smile on the face of that special someone.

It shows you familiarity with the person

You would not send goodnight texts to just about any person. You will send it to someone with whom you have a familiarity with and share a good rapport. Thus, such messages show that you really connect with that person and consider them close enough to wish them a goodnight with a nice quote.

The feeling of getting goodnight messages from parents

A goodnight text from the parents has a deep sincerity and sweetness to it. You will feel it, even more, when you are away from your home for work or studies and are not able to get that good night hug and kiss from your parents. In such nights, a simple goodnight quote from their end makes you feel immediately close to them regardless of the miles between you and your home.

When the conversations start with a goodnight

It is wrong to assume that a goodnight quote has to be something where the conversation ends for the night. Sometimes, even after you wish a good night, the recipient feels like conversing with you a bit more and thus, they initiate a topic. Conversations can also move forward when you get a reply from them in the appreciation of the quote. So, a simple goodnight quote can actually be the very beginning of the meaningful conversations that night.

So, if you still do not have the habit of sending goodnight messages, then it is a good idea to start developing the habit now. Begin collecting a few lovely quotes from the popular sites on the internet and make sure they are in Hindi. Send out to your loved ones and make them feel special.

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