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Yogesh Chabria Quotes That will Strategize Your Mind



Yogesh Chabria Quotes

Yogesh Chabria is a brand name in itself who is leading the world’s most influential thinkers and leaders by his powerful & impactful self-development programs. 

He is a successful award-winning speaker, entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author and strategist. He has actively addressed distinguished audiences such as the European Parliament, WEF, attended by the world’s most influential thinkers and leaders and the IITs, whose alumni include Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google; N.R. Narayana Murthy, Co-Founder, Infosys & Vinod Khosla, Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems. 

He has been felicitated as Mumbai University’s Most distinguished Alumni as a leader in his field along with others such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mukesh Ambani and Anji Reddy. With over two decades of experience he has impacted over 20 million people in over 1000 organisations from over 100 countries.

About Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria has shared and spoken at global platforms where other speakers have included His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Ranveer Singh. 

You can imagine that this man has influenced the world by his creative words of wisdom, so let’s explore some of the most influential Yogesh Chabria Quote that will strategize your mind.

Yogesh Chabria Quotes

“You aren’t living enough if you don’t sing, dance and laugh.” — Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Quote Images

“Let’s Discover Your True Inner Self & Experience Real Happiness.” — Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Quotes on Real Happiness

“Life is our biggest gift, enjoy every moment. Go out and do what you want to!” — Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Life Quotes

“To experience the divine you don’t need to go to the Himalayas. Simply look within.” — Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Quotes Photos

“Don’t compete – dominate!” — Yogesh Chabria

Speakers Yogesh Chabria Quotes Images

“Nature is lovely. Nothing can replace the beauty of the natural” — Yogesh Chabria

Inspirational Yogesh Chabria Quotes

“The best revenge to people who tell you that you can’t achieve your goals – is massive success!” — Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Quotes Images

“Happiness is an experience we can discover in the smallest of nature’s creations.” — Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Quotes on Happiness

“Show me someone who has never lost. It’s probably a rock or a liar.” — Yogesh Chabria

Motivational Yogesh Chabria Quotes

“How well you sell your ideas decides your success.” — Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Quotes on Success

“The power to listen to yourself is the biggest power.” — Yogesh Chabria

ogesh Chabria Yourself Quotes

“The harder you hit – The Stronger you get” — Yogesh Chabria

Happionaire Yogesh Chabria Quotes

“The harder you push the easier you succeed!” — Yogesh Chabria

Speakers Yogesh Chabria Quotes

“I never do anything for free. Nobody values free.” — Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Quotes

“The new year is a time for new beginnings, new hope, new power, new dreams, new possibilities and new action. Ask yourself what if I could do it all? And how? Have an incredible year.— Yogesh Chabria 

“How you invest your time now decides your future success or failure.” — Yogesh Chabria

Success Yogesh Chabria Quotes


Best Yogesh Chabria Quotes

Final Words:-

Yogesh Chabria is one of the leading entrepreneurs and business consultant in India. He is an active thought leader and a mass media veteran. 

His books, are amongst the first to have TV commercials 24 hours a day on major networks reaching millions of viewers daily. His creative work is regularly featured in major media agencies. One can get highly impressed by his interactive and enlightening sessions.


He has vast experience in business, sales, happiness, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and finance. He constantly speaks, writes and consults on these specific topics.

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