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10 Apps You Must Have on Your Phone for Simpler Life

10 Apps You Must Have on Your Phone

Mobile phones and tablets are the technological devices that give you time to work from anywhere, entertain people, and let you stay connected with your friends and family. And, if there are correct applications on your mobile phone, then there is no worry to use it and enjoy it. But, finding the best application for your phone is a challenging task. There are ample applications that can be downloaded from the Google play store and used as per the requirements.

But, did you think if these apps are essential for you or not? Thus, to help you out, we have found the ten best applications that one must have on the phone for a simple and amazing life. Each of the apps recommended is perfect in its way, so it is time to explore them and choose the best ones for you.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best apps used to sync files from your portable devices to your mobile phones. The application works across Windows, web, iOS, and Android, which helps you access every important file you require.

2. Plex

People use the plex app to stream movies, music, photos, TV shows, and many more. The application helps you to stream from the computer to the Android device. You have to set up Plex on the Windows or macOS computer and get the required content available on the computer or other device.

3. MedAdvisor 

The MedAdvisor app provides you with a full list of medications, and get the information of your script and update it accordingly. You can also see your script details and other necessary details on the mobile phone using the application. My Medadvisor application keeps track of the medicines you have ordered without sorting out your prescription and other papers.

4. Snapseed

There are several Android applications available to edit pictures, but one of the best apps is Snapseed. The application gives you access to edit all your pictures and videos. You can use it as one of the best image tweaking apps. The application helps to do everything related to photo editing, from removing objects to adjusting colors.

5. Podcasts by Google

Google recently started its podcasts application that provides its users with a balance between simplicity and functionality. From playing your top shows and movies to syncing devices, podcasts also include Google speakers for your home. The interface provided by the application is clean and lets the search and discover feature simple through the podcasts.

6. Evernote

We all require an application to create memos, schedules, thoughts, and many more in digital format. For this, you can get an Evernote app that lets you collect all sorts of your documents into various categories and tag them according to your preference.

The features of Evernote provide an easily searchable and accessible option to its customers and sync across all devices.

7. Cookpad

For all the food lovers out there, here is an amazing application to help you get the best recipes for yourself. The application connects people with several recipe options. You have to add the best recipes and manage your shopping list easily. You can also find new recipes based on your liking.

8. Fitbit

Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness trackers, and its application can be downloaded to work well with it. You can use the fitness app on your phone to count steps and take activities to achieve the desired goals. The application is the smartest choice for a person who wants to remain active.

9. Eve

Every woman or girl wants to track their period and know other factors surrounding it. Get the Eve app on your mobile phone and track your physical and emotional stats to get the necessary insights into the data added by you. The application also provided the correct and vibrant information about the sexual health of women. 

10. Zocdoc

The Zocdoc application lets you search nearby doctors according to your medical health plan and book appointments. You have to sign up and enter the desired information to start using the application. Zocdoc also helps you to save your previous appointment data and get recommendations for the future.

These are the necessary applications that one can install on your smartphone and choose a simpler life. So, select the application that you want to get on your phone and use it. 


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