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6 Advantages of Using a Prepaid SIM Card



The sim card you get recharged and works on the credit balance amount, allowing you to send messages and make calls until the balance comes to zero, this kind of sim is called a prepaid sim card. Once the credit amount is fully consumed, you have to recharge again to enjoy its services. The most asked question is whether or not prepaid is better than postpaid sim cards. For some people, postpaid is more useful, while some choose prepaid sim cards. Below are some advantages you enjoy for choosing a prepaid sim card. 

The Flexibility of Tariff Pack Choices

If you prefer to recharge to different plans every month, only a prepaid sim will allow you to enjoy the flexibility. When you use a prepaid sim, you get to choose several different data plans as per your choice. Nowadays, even data add-on packs are available. If your daily net pack has exhausted, you can recharge your sim with these additional data packages and continue doing your job. Users can choose any of the innumerable prepaid recharge options offered by Vodafone prepaid plans, airtel, idea, and Jio prepaid services. In short, a prepaid connection lets you enjoy complete control over your mobile recharges. 

Easy Bill Payments 

When you have a prepaid connection, you are probably safe from unexpectedly high bill charges. Prepaid connection users are required to clear their monthly bills in advance; they don’t receive any shocks or surprises when the bill for mobile connection usage comes. They know what they have paid for and what benefits they are going to get.

Freedom To Choose a New Carrier

Prepaid connections also come with a certain freedom that people might not find useful every time, but it’s good to receive additional liberties. For instance, users have the liberty to switch to postpaid plans at any time. Not just that, if they find a better-prepaid plan provider, they can switch to a different network carrier.

This liberty is extremely useful when you are traveling. Suppose you have traveled to a place where the carrier you use currently doesn’t provide a good network. In that case, you can get a new sim card that works better in that region. You can use it for a few days or weeks or keep it as long as you want.


Some people think prepaid is more expensive than postpaid services. Well, it isn’t always so. Prepaid costs are almost equal to postpaid, depending on which plans you have chosen. In some cases, postpaid monthly bills come as a shock to users. 

For instance, a postpaid plan that provides unlimited data, calls, and messages with the first 1 GB data at 4G speed costs $50/ month. That same plan can be availed at a lower price with a prepaid connection. 

Monthly Fees

Prepaid stands for what you see is what you get. When you use a prepaid connection, you don’t have to pay any extra charges or taxes.


However, with a postpaid account, taxes are added, which increases the amount of the monthly phone bill to a great extent. A prepaid plan is a flat fee, and you enjoy the benefits of the plan you have chosen. There are no extra benefits, nor are there any extra charges. 

Switching from prepaid to another prepaid service isn’t hassling 

If you are currently a prepaid user of Airtel, for instance, but intend to shift to prepaid services provided by Jio, stop paying for the current carrier, visit the nearest mobile store and buy a new prepaid sim card of the carrier you would prefer. It’s this simple! There’s no need to listen to some customer service representative talking about how they value you as a customer. Simply stop paying, they stop the service, and you choose another service provider! 

Prepaid isn’t suitable for everyone. However, it’s advisable to try it out once. If you have to cater to your daily needs and have children at home, getting a prepaid connection is the right choice. Getting a prepaid connection is extremely easy. You can port your number sitting at home. Just log onto a suitable site and choose any prepaid plan from Vodafone, Airtel, or idea. Your sim card would even be delivered to your doorstep.

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