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The Art of Balancing Homework and Sports

Homework and Sports

As an athlete who has already won many accolades, you will want to carry that reputation to high school, too. But the moment you get burdened with homework from different subjects, the dream of flourishing in sports goes out the window.

Every day tons of homework pile up, and you can’t enjoy the game you love any more. But just as your coach taught you, when your back is against the wall, break the wall down! That’s what you need to do if you want to juggle homework and sports together and excel at both in high school.

Wondering how this seemingly impossible feat gets conquered? Here’s a guide that will help.

1. Set Your Priorities

There is no one better to judge your capabilities in both sports and academics than yourself. While it’s tempting to focus on only one, it’s in your best interest to do your best at both of these fields. If you are good at a couple of subjects and know that you can skip them to attend your sports sessions, so that if the teacher and school permits. But don’t forget that attendance is calculated at the end of the year. You may have to make up for the missed classes by attending the ones that you are not so good at. Missing on daily classes can bring your GPA down. Moreover, if you don’t do well in your studies and don’t complete your homework, you will not be allowed to participate in any sport either.

2. Make the most of the weekends

Completing your homework on time is essential to score higher in your subjects. That brings weekends into the picture. Since your weekdays will be eaten up by the time spent in classes and practice sessions, you need to finish your homework during the weekends. Divide the weekend into small-time zones that you will dedicate for each subject. It will be wise to start on topics that you are comparatively weak at as they take more time to complete.

Since you don’t have to attend school during weekends, you will get a rest from practice sessions. That comes as a relief because you not only get time to rest but also finish your assignments. After all, you are a student first and then an athlete.

3. Prepare a schedule

As a student who has to balance sports and academics, a scheduled life is imperative. Once you set your priorities on which subjects you are good at, you need to prepare a daily schedule. This schedule should mark the classes you attend, the free periods you have every week, the practice sessions you attend, the classes that you might miss, and the upcoming tests. Make sure you follow this schedule religiously.

Once you are used to the schedule, you need to plan your weekends according to the homework you get during the weekdays. If you can manage to complete some of them during the weekdays, that’s fantastic. But if you don’t, schedule a dedicated homework time during the weekend. Many students who are caught up between sports and homework often use free periods in high school to finish some parts of the homework they know are going to take less time than usual. You can follow that scheme too.

4. Seek online help for assignments

Now that you have a schedule and everything, what’s keeping you from completing your homework? Is it the topic that you have trouble understanding or the resources that help find answers to the questions? Both can be done at the same time if you seek help online. Numerous online tutors can help in doing an assignment just as your professor wants.

Finding time to speak to the professor alone and requesting him/her to explain a tough chapter again isn’t always possible. But that doesn’t stop your assignments from piling up and the deadline coming nearer with each passing day. That’s why online tutors are beneficial, for example, Assignment Expert. You can ask them the areas that you have difficulty understanding, and they will explain the topic as easily as possible. You can also get credible resources to research from, enabling you to tackle even the lessons you find most difficult.

5. Keep social media away

This may not act as direct help to balance sports and homework, but it will definitely work as a time-saver so that you can focus on completing homework first before socializing with friends. Social media is not bad. It keeps you connected with friends and relatives away from home. But that shouldn’t come as a hindrance to academics, especially when you have to find time to attend sports practice sessions also.

No matter how many notifications light up your mobile screen, keep the phone away while doing homework. You can check all these notifications once you finish homework and when you have free time. Many students access social media websites as a reward if they can finish homework on time. You can go a bit further in this regard.

For Example, You can challenge yourself to complete 3 miles of running before accessing these websites. Similarly, if you finish homework by noon during the weekend, you can enjoy an hour of socializing.

6. Record Your Homework Time

When you have dedicated homework time, it does not necessarily mean you have to punish yourself until the clock hits zero. If you can finish it quickly, you have the incentive to find time to practice alone. Set a timer just before you start with your homework. If you finish early, your next aim should be to finish earlier the following weekend. This will help find time to practice or get enough rest because your brain gets tired after a week of non-stop classes and practice sessions.

Juggling homework and sports in high school are all about time management. This is the time when your passion meets academics, and your primary job will be to keep both of them at their peak. The above tips have already been successfully tried and tested by passionate student-athletes like you. Go follow them and chasing your dreams will be easier.


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