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Best Animated Video Maker to Make Your Own Animation Videos



Best Animated Video Maker

Throughout these years, we have made several animated videos that have great acceptance. Animated Video allows us to illustrate many complicated concepts. Thanks to these videos, the topics that, in some cases, can be boring to explain, become more digestible, and the user can better understand what we are talking about.

I am going to show you exactly the four programs that we have played within all our videos and the program that we will use most frequently for our future videos.

The animation of a video can be costly, but with the tools that we will see in this article, you can get an excellent video at a fraction of the price and time. We highly suggest that if you will upload your videos on YouTube or a similar social media platform, use to help you boost the metrics associated with your videos. 

1. Crello

Crello gives everyone the tools and options to design impressive visuals of different formats for individual and professional needs. Visit their website, and you’ll find thousands of royalty free videos to customize as you please via the intuitive online editor. Simply choose a format and personalize it with static or animated objects Crello offers in their library.


You can use static and animated objects, audio and video files, premium images, and stock files, or upload external content to Crello and then customize it whatever you want. Once you complete a project, save and download it in your preferred format.

Crello is free to use, and most of its premium features are available for free account holders. They also have a Pro plan ($7.99/month) with a few extra features brand designers may find helpful.

2. FlexClip 

FlexClip is a service that you use from your browser. It allows you to create animated videos without having to download or install additional applications on your computer. You do it all from the browser.

FlexClip is perfect if you don’t have much time to create your videos. It allows you to make animations extremely quickly and easily. Just drag and drop the elements you want to use in your video.


FlexClip has hundreds of pre-designed video templates that cover almost all business types and lifestyle themes such as Education, Business, Real Estate, Make Birthday Video, Wedding, etc. 

And it does have many customization options for the elements you can add to your video. This means that you can modify the text, elements, colors, transitions, and filters on your project to your liking. I have used this tool for most of the videos on our site and social media channels.

FlexClip has a free version that offers the basic options but allows you to download unlimited videos. Then the paid version starts at $4.99 to $7.99 per month. If you want a quick and easy animated video, then FlexClip is your best option. This is the easiest and the cheapest program to use of all on this list.

3. Vyond

This solution has several similarities with FlexClip. It is a solution in the cloud so that everything will work from your browser, just like FlexClip. You should not download anything to your computer.

If you want to create very complex animated videos, extremely personalized, but with an easy to use the program, then Vyond is your solution.

This platform is so robust that I have even made animated videos for clients in the past using this program, so far, I have not found a single video that cannot animate using Vyond.

The great advantages of Vyond in my experience are the following:

 It allows you to modify any character deeply, and you can even create your own styles.


 It has the option of LipSync for the audios of the characters.

 The editor timeline is incredibly intuitive and, at the same time, very professional.

The Vyond price is not the cheapest, so this is something you should consider. They essentially have three plans that you can use. The $49 per month plan allows you to download videos with a maximum resolution of 720p, and that adds the Vyond logo in one corner of the video.

Then there is the $89 per month plan that allows you to download the videos in 1080p and also gives you the option to remove the Vyond logo or replace it with your own logo.


Transform your content into great videos. Create stunning videos online by using a professional video maker InVideo, that gets you started in a span of minutes.

One such platform which assists you in transforming your content into exceptional videos in This platform is competent in serving media companies, small businesses, and brands to grow audience engagement through the tool of video content.

InVideo is a video creation platform that helps serve publishers, media companies, and brands to expand audiences’ engagement through the power of video content. InVideo platform is ideal for marketers, publishers, individuals, and agencies to take their brand content strategy to the next level.

5. VideoScribe

This program is completely different from the previous ones. VideoScribe is a program that allows you to make videos in the Whiteboard style. It is observed how the illustrations are drawn on a paper surface or any type of texture that you want to place.


The Whiteboard style is very popular on YouTube, so you have a lot of earned audience if you make videos with this type of animation.

Personally, this type of animation seems very entertaining, and the program is very easy to use. It allows you to use your own illustrations. You can use PNG or SVG files, and the program will automatically make the drawing animation on your images. It is the perfect solution to create whiteboard videos. 

You can export the voiceover or narration of your video and additionally the background music, so working with the synchronization of the animation and the audio becomes a more enjoyable job. It allows you to explain concepts that could be boring and tedious in more understandable animated videos.

VideoScribe is not very expensive. It has a monthly value of $35, you can also pay a year for $168 or pay in a single purchase and get lifetime updates for $800. It is an option worth exploring.

6. Adobe After Effects

We reach the end of the list with Adobe After Effects. This is a much more professional program than all the previous ones, and it allows you to make any type of animation.

But After Effects is not the best option for all projects, this program is one of the best you could use to create animated videos, but its learning curve is very large.

While you can learn to use any of the other three programs in less than 1 hour, learning how to use After Effects at a basic level could take between 12 to 15 hours; additionally, you need extra skills to be able to create your own animations, and an intermediate level in graphic design will be very useful.

After Effects alone cannot offer great results, you need to know how to create vector images that you can use in After Effects. For this, you need to be able to use Adobe Illustrator, and a notion of Photoshop would be very helpful as well.


So, although After Effects is the best program that you could use and is the one that allows you to create the best-animated videos, it is also the most difficult and possibly most expensive way.

If you have a notion of graphic design and are very good at creating vector images with Illustrator, then I might recommend taking a look at this program.

But if you don’t have a lot of graphic design knowledge or just want to create quick animations for your website, then After Effects is not the best option for you, I would recommend sticking with one of the three programs we’ve discussed before.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of programs with which you can create animations for your videos. There are many other tools that we have not mentioned, other services that we have not used and that we could not give you an informed opinion, but I mention some other options:

7. Animaker

This tool works from the browser. You should not download anything to your computer. It has the advantage of having many video templates for specific channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.

8. Animatron

This is another interesting solution since it has two versions. The Wave version allows you to create videos for social networks quickly. It is a good option if you want to create video marketing for Facebook. The other option is the Studio version, which focuses on adding video animation to your normal videos. Additionally, you can create explanatory videos in the Whiteboard and Cartoon style. But both versions are sold separately, and the price is not very competitive.

9. Lumen5 

Lumen5 is simple to figure out and easy to use. It helps create impactful and engaging videos from your existing content so you can make video a regular part of your marketing strategy. The free version allows you to export five videos per month in the maximum 720p definition, which is great for the casual online video developer who just wants to add some videos to their blog or social media. 

10. Animoto 

You can create powerful and professional videos for any occasion or business in minutes with Animoto drag and drop video editor. You just select a template or start from scratch, add your own photos or video, or you can choose from their stock media choices, adjust colors, fonts, music, and more to customize your video, and finally, produce and share your video in moments.



There you have it, a complete guide to the tools that we have used over the years, and their advantages and disadvantages. 

When selecting the tool that you are going to use, you must take into account your objective, budget, and time that you can dedicate to the creation of each video. 

For example, if what you need is something very fast, you do not have a lot of budget, and it is a small presentation, then FlexClip would be your best option. But if you want a commercial-quality animated video, and you have a good budget and time, then I recommend using After Effects. If you need a small explanatory video for social media, then you could use InVideo, Vyond, or VideoScribe, depending on the style you like best.

If you want to make a video for your business, social media, blog, or other presences, try any of these best-animated video maker tools, and then share your experience by leaving your comments with us. 

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