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Top 5 Best Defenders in Premier League Season 2018-2019

Premier League Season

Premier League is considered to have the best defenders in the world. They are durable, tall, greatly competitive, and using their heads very well. Most people see the attacking lines and don’t care much about the defense, but we do. 

Premier League is the roughest league across the global, in which the best defenders are brought out to the light. Although they are a little bit clumsy and don’t show many techniques, they focus on strategy and efficiency. Thus, you often see their style to be quite simple but effective. 

When it comes to the best defenders in the league, you have to consider the overall performance of them in the season. Now let’s have a look at the top 5 best defensive players in the Premier League season 2018 – 2019.

“In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are.”

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#5 Harry Maguire – Leicester City

The 26-year-old English player had a successful World Cup 2018 with the “Three Lions” when they made it to the semifinals. He also had intense attention from Manchester United in the transfer time, but eventually, he stayed committed to the current club – Leicester City.

His defensive abilities are undoubted. He is good at tackling, challenging the opposition for the ball, and choosing the right position. He is especially excellent in aerial defending, which is the typical ability of English centre-back. 

Maguire recorded 1.0 tackle, 1.3 interceptions, and 4.8 clearances per game in the Premier League this season. In addition, he likes to take advantage of his heading ability to join in when there is a free-kick or corner-kick. 

Now Maguire is indispensable in Leicester City. He is a pivotal part of the club in every match. He manages the defensive line and controls the whole back for the team. His performance is outstanding at the age of 26. 

#4 Willy Boly – Wolverhampton Wanderer

The “Wolves” had impressive results when facing the teams on “big six,” which was due to the great defensive line. Willy Boly was a part of this success. Even before the season started, he was considered by both Manchester United and Manchester City. Eventually, he chose to stay and contributed to the progress and success of Wolverhampton. 

The French defender is powerful in tackling, one-on-one facing, and dominating on aerial duels. He has a tall and quick body, which allows him to intercept into dangerous situations. He also has a consistent and stable form to help the “Wolves” build a great backline. He scored 4 goals this season and won 3.7 aerial duels per match.

#3 Victor Lindelof – Manchester United

The Swedish defender had a successful and flourishing season, especially under the management of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. This young man had to get well with the feature and style of Premier League last year, and now it’s his time. 

When other defenders didn’t have consistent forms, Lindelof was there to help Man Utd. Despite having unexpected result in season 2017-2018, Lindelof had an excellent comeback this season. He is an essential part of the team, with Smalling to make a solid line in front of the net. 

He is smart, fast, and strong. He plays head and foot well. He is good at challenging for the opposite ball and blocking the attack of the opponent. The “Ice Man” had many precise tackles for the team and was quick in detecting dangers. 

Without the presence of Victor Lindelof, Man Utd may have had more goals conceded in this season due to the bad defense. In fact, this was not a successful year of the club when they are only at 6th place on Premier League standings. They are on the way to reconstruct and will come back stronger and better. 

#2 Aymeric Laporte – Manchester City

Laporte didn’t get used to the league at the beginning, but he had a wonderful time with the “Citizens” this year. He got familiar with the atmosphere and the playing style quickly in the first season as a player of Man City. More importantly, Laporte has been developing and flourishing rapidly under the era of talented manager – Pep Guardiola

Although playing alongside veterans and experienced Vincent Kompany or Otamendi, Laporte showed a great attitude and abilities. He reads the game very well and often makes the right and quick decision. He also has a good sense of danger and position to intercept and challenge for the ball.

He can take the ball precisely but is capable of possessing it – the typical style of Guardiola in every team he manages. He can pass well with 92.7% of successful passes in the season. Laporte also had 1.1 tackles and interceptions per match. He is simply brilliant at the age of 25. 

1# Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool

Finally, there is no need to tell as you all know who the best defensive player is in The Premier League season 2018 – 2019. It’s the pivotal centre-back of Liverpool – Virgil Van Dijk. 

Van Dijk moved to the “Red Merseyside” club with the highest record transfer fee for a defender in the world – 85 million Euro. And now the whole world know it’s worth every cent!

One UEFA Champion League Trophy, Player of the Year Award in Premier League 2018 – 2019 is excellent enough for a centre-back. He contributed mostly to the success of Liverpool reaching the final of Champion League and sitting on the second place at Premier League standing. 

The achievement of Liverpool this season came from the rigid and stable form of the defensive line. They don’t have any super stars in the team, but the spirit, enthusiasm, and passion are undeniable. Van Dijk is here to be the leader of the backline who manages, controls and pushes everyone to try their best. 

He can read the match well in any situation. He is intelligent to challenge the opponent for the ball with precise tackles. He is also good at heading and dominating in the air. Van Dijk is now one of the best defensive players in the world. 

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Premier League is a place to gather the greatest defenders across the globe. Above is the list of the top defensive players in the Premier League 2018 – 2019. Let’s wait to see the list of the best ones in the upcoming season. Stay tuned!


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Premier League Season
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