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Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girlfriend/Boyfriend & Husband/Wife

New Year Gift Ideas

It feels like 2020 just began but it is about to end. Just a few days more until 2021 starts. The new year is probably the most awaited time of the entire year because it is usually when people swear to adopt a better lifestyle. Almost everyone wishes to let go of some undesirable trait and embrace a desirable one with the beginning of the new year.

For some, it might be working out and getting fit, for others it can be getting married or buying a new house, car, pet, while others may pledge to indulge in a new activity for new year gift ideas. Some people even consider quitting their harmful habits and completely revolutionize themselves as a person. 

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You must be knowing someone of this sort, someone who wants to do something productive this new year. Or, you might want to inspire someone to adopt a healthier lifestyle. To show that you are with them and you support them, you can consider giving them the following gifts. 

1. Membership to an Activity

Whether the person loves reading, cooking, playing a sport, photography, or any other activity, gifting them a membership for their interest would make them pursue it more seriously. Additionally, it is a way of telling that person that you support them in every way and would love them to follow their interests.

Another reason why you can consider doing so is to let the person explore. If you have a child or sibling who is unsure about their career, you can enroll them in a short course so that they can explore and choose the right career for them.

It will be a great option for even those who tend to get bored easily or are dealing with something traumatic. This is a nice way to keep them engaged and happy. Moreover, it would be a thoughtful gift, which the person would love receiving.

2. Pay Their Gym Membership Fees

There is always someone in your close circle who loves working out. Whether it’s a dance class, aerobics, Zumba, gym, yoga, or any other fitness class, a monthly membership for the same would be an exciting option. Based on your budget, you can even enroll them for 6 months or 12 months. 

If the person is trying to get healthy and fit or needs to exercise, gifting them a membership to a fitness club will inspire them to work harder.

The hardest part of getting fit is starting with it. Once they regularly attend their fitness class for a month and start noticing changes, they will definitely continue. 

3. Vacation

Exploring a new city, culture, or country is an exhilarating experience for everyone. The new year is the perfect time to go for a vacation since it clears the mind, calms the soul, and is generally the holiday week. 

If you are in a relationship or are married, spending some quality time with your loved one near the sea would definitely spark things up even more between you two. Moreover, it would be a relaxing time for the person. 

You can gift vacation even to a friend, sibling, or child who loves traveling. And this gift, you should probably gift yourself as well. The new year is the best time to begin new things and nothing can compare to visiting an entirely unfamiliar place.

4. Personal Care Hampers

This is the best way to pamper your loved one. And trust us, no one would get mad upon receiving a basket full of personal care items. You can include essential oils, body lotion, hand and foot cream, lip balm, bath bombs, and other such products. 

The best part about such a hamper is that it can be as big and as small as you would like. And usually, you will find great deals on such hampers by Victoria’s Secret. The Body Shop, Lush, Bath and Body Works, and Marks and Spencer. If you wish to splurge, you can even go for Dior or Estee Lauder. 

5. Makeup

Just like a personal care hamper, you can gift your loved one of their favorite makeup items. (New Year Gift Ideas for Girlfriend/Wife)

However, we suggest you check for shades and brands that they like and even the quantity of the product left in their tubes. Makeup is usually non-returnable and a wrong shade would be a sheer waste of money.

Nobody would mind receiving their daily wear foundation or lipstick, or even exciting nail colors. You can also add a fragrance you would like them to wear. In case you are confused or cannot know which products the person uses, here is our bonus tip – red lipstick and mascara can never go wrong. 

6. Gift Vouchers

If the person receiving the gift loves eating, shopping, watching movies, sports, or video games, you can even gift them gift vouchers. Again, you can choose the amount as per your budget and around Christmas, you are likely to find an awesome deal. 

Gift vouchers are a great option if you are do not have time to shop or are unable to decide exactly what to gift that person. If you want to gift them an experience, such as watching movies and playing video games, this is a flexible option, as they can use it whenever a new movie or game launches.

7. Fancy Alcohol

There is nobody who would not like receiving some expensive booze or limited edition alcohol. Most of the brands introduce special holiday flavor, which any alcohol lover would love to try. Moreover, it would be a huge part of their new year’s party and new year gift ideas. 

There are so many types of alcohol that you can make a beer, wine, whiskey, cocktail lover happy. The only thing you need to know is their favorite alcohol. After all, a wine lover would not appreciate a bottle of vodka.

8. Books

Unlike our previous option (alcohol), you can gift books to a person of any age. People who love reading never mind receiving new books. And the best part is that there are hundreds of genres for every age group.

You can gift cooking books, photography books, travel guides, books on history, psychology, nature, space, or anything that interests the person. So, if your budget is not as huge as paying for their membership to an activity, you can choose to gift a book about it. 

And there is a book about everything. All you have to do is to know what kind of book the person would like, visit a bookstore or online store, and place the order. 

9. Pets

A dog, cat, fish, mouse, or any animal would be an adorable gift option as well. If the person is shifting to a new city, lives alone, or has always wanted a pet but hasn’t bought it yet, you can help them by gifting them a furry baby. 

These loving creatures make awesome new year gift ideas because they never fail to make the person smile. Taking care of a living being is also a great distraction for those who have experienced something sad in their lives. It also induces a sense of responsibility in the person.

When you give your significant other a pet as a gift, make sure they are ready for it and they want it. Hint to them about getting a new pet, or ask what they think about getting an animal companion. If your partner is not ready for a pet, they have to rehome it or give it up for adoption. Animal companions are not unfeeling objects, so they shouldn’t be given to anyone who isn’t 100 percent ready for them.

Once you’re positive that your significant other will absolutely love a new pet, consider giving a rescue animal a chance at a loving home. Also, prepare a bag of nutritious pet food, healthy and delicious treats, interactive toys, and other pet necessities so your partner doesn’t have to rush to the nearest pet shop to get supplies.

Even if the person already has one pet, they would not mind getting another one. These creatures, after all, shower love and care upon their owners all the time. 

10. Homemade or Custom-Made Goodies

If you want to show the person that you love them immensely, the best way to do so is to bake for them. Yes, this might take a lot of time and effort but it would be worth it because the person receiving it would not stop smiling. 

If you are not good at baking or cooking, you can visit a store to buy the goodies or ask a baker to bake their favorite cake and cookies.

In fact, if you do not know how to bake, making goodies for that person would make them feel even more special. Yes, your kitchen would be a mess and you might fail the first few times, but cookbooks and YouTube would prove to be of great help.

Adding chocolates and a bottle of fine wine would make the gift even more special. You can watch a movie together at your home while eating the mouth-watering desserts. Nothing can compare to the sugar rush and the warmth of delicious and savory deserts, after all. 

Summing Up:-

This New Year, gift your person an experience they would never forget. Gadgets, jewelry, clothes are good options as well, but the above-mentioned ideas may be something you might have never considered gifting. 

If you truly know the person and are aware of their choices and preferences, choosing the best new year gift ideas online for them is not that difficult. And if you are still in the process of knowing them, you still have a lot of days before deciding what to gift. 

The idea of gifting on New Year is to not only make the person feel special but also inspire them to follow their dreams and adopt a better lifestyle. And along with the gift, present the person with a heartfelt note of appreciation and promise to be with them.

Order & Send New Year Gifts
We have some unique New Year gift ideas for you that you will not be able to find elsewhere.
Simple & Effective For You!


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