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Can The Corona Crisis Be Good For Something?

Corona Crisis

The crisis forces us to change everyday life. Hardly anyone makes friends with this situation. After all, this time has a lot of negative input.

This causes problems in many families and these are not just financial. The idea that the corona crisis also has a positive aspect seems absurd. But the crisis can be more than just a bad time if we take a closer look.

If you want to see the good side of a corona crisis, you have to think differently. The virus brings a lot of suffering and pushes us to change our lives.

But everything that can be bad has a positive side. In order to recognize this, however, man must be ready to look deeply into his soul.

Because the crisis is slowing us down enormously. It feels like someone has pressed a stop button. The hectic pace of everyday life suddenly stops. The sentence: “I don’t have time” should be heard less in the crisis than before.

And that’s just as well. Because now we have time, a lot of time. Instead of pondering over this crisis, it is important to make good use of this free time. Those who just serve this phase and wait for it to be over could miss valuable experiences. Because the forced break does not only have a painful aspect – it also has a positive side. But people have to be ready to recognize them. There are definitely enough opportunities for this. The children who are now all day in homeschooling would be an example of this. It’s great to finally have time for your children. 

And it’s fun to see how your child learns and absorbs the learning material. This also gives parents an insight into their child’s academic performance. And homeschooling creates space for discussions about God and the world. Parents should take advantage of this opportunity and take advantage of it. Especially when both parents are working and have little time for their children and their worries in everyday life. The child’s problems are easier to identify if you have the time. If you miss this opportunity, you may not have the opportunity again so quickly.

But the spouse, who is now also in the home office for twenty-four hours in the immediate vicinity, should not be a burden, but an asset.

Opportunities for joint activities arise for the couple. The time together can create a new closeness and offers an opportunity for extensive discussions. The presence of the children and the partner creates space for joint leisure activities. Together you could cook, play games, or pursue a common hobby. The quality of time offers the space for everything for which there was never a time before the Kirstie.

In times of crisis, we can move closer together, create alliances, and deepen our relationships if you want to use the positive aspect of this deceleration. But there is also room for the employee or the self-employed to review the profession. Especially those who are self-employed working early in the morning until late at night so that they can keep their business going. They never go on vacation and hope that one day the business will run smoothly.

But now these self-employed are forced to take a break. These days and weeks can seem like a revelation to some of us. Maybe you can see that you have only worked for all the years and lost quality of life as a result. The deceleration of life gives space for thinking, reviewing, reflecting, and making plans.

So it is a chance to create something new out of the eternal hamster wheel of life. Something that suits people better or something that you always wanted to do. 

And social distance isn’t necessarily just something unpleasant either. It can even have a healing effect on one or the other. Because if you are alone, you have to deal with yourself. Thoughts that have long been suppressed can sprout. Problems can now be dealt with constructively and solved. But decisions that have been waiting for an action for a long time can now also be implemented. Desires and goals also have a space of reflection to develop. The chance to finally read the book, which has been on the shelf for so long, is now real. You may also discover your love for nature and the garden.

Corona crisis can also be an opportunity for the individual on a social level. Compassion and willingness to help are necessary these days. And maybe your neighbor needs your help because he himself belongs to the risk group. Seniors who are single are particularly happy when they receive support. Voluntary work at associations or organizations is also looking forward to your help. In doing so, you make a contribution to society and also get to know new people. This can create friendships and relationships that can be valuable beyond the crisis. And maybe one day you need help. Then you will be remembered and your willingness to work.

The time now available to us de-stresses our minds. In addition, this time gives you the opportunity to examine your own inner spirituality.

Who am I and how do I want to be? can be the questions of these days. This time gives you the opportunity to check your own social skills.

And it can promote family cohesion. If you don’t just think about the suffering in this corona crisis and use the positive aspects, you can deal better with this phase of life. We see that Corona forces us to stand still, which has a positive side if you are ready to accept it.


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