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The Best Tips to Creating Perfect Resume for a Job

Creating Perfect Resume

Recruiters and hiring managers say that they have never seen more poorly written resumes and cover letters like today. If you want to get more interviews or increase the chances of getting employed, you need to ensure that your resume is perfect and the tips in this read will help in just that:

Format It in The Right Manner

Regardless of how well you have written your resume, it will not be thoroughly read for the first time. On average, a resume gets less than 30 seconds of read-time (given the many resumes recruiters get) and it’s hard to scan if it’s poorly formatted and hard to read. Here are a few formatting tips:

  • – Use wide margins and a logical format, clear headings and clean type
  • – Create attention to vital points like achievements using bullets
  • – Selectively apply italic and bold formats that help catch the reader’s eye.

Identify Accomplishments

Recruiters, particularly in technical fields look for candidates that help them solve a problem within their organization. As you may have already guessed, it’s impossible to be their solution if you fail to state how you solved similar problems in your previous job position.

Pay attention to what you did on your previous job and not what the job was. Include a few top line job descriptions first and then mention your accomplishments. For every point, ask yourself the benefit of doing what you did. The accomplishments need to be distinct to you and not a list of what another individual did. Ideally, avoid utilizing generic descriptions of the positions that you initially held or applied for.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

Making many general claims and utilizing too much industry jargon that doesn’t market you is one of the most common resume mistakes. A resume is a document that is designed to sell your strengths and skills and not just portray your biography.

You should ideally highlight the specific achievements that show a proper picture of your marketability. By quantifying your achievements, you are able to properly show what you actually did and the confidence in yourself.

So, include things like the number of clients, percentages, dollars, etc. An excellent tip is to work backward in order to quantify your accomplishments. Do it by asking, if I hadn’t done this, what could have happened?

If you strive for CV perfection hire an expert who will help you succeed during the job search.

Write Your Resume For The Industry

A resume is going to be different for each industry. Unlike design or advertising industries that have a more creative license when it comes to creating a resume, the engineering domain will not be impressed and can actually be turned off by distinct resume designs.

So, you may want to be stylistically conservative in mentioning your accomplishments, grammatically correct, clean and correct. This is what will make an impressive resume.

Have a Career Summary Instead of an Objective

A career summary is meant to give a quick overview of who are and what you do. Most objectives tend to be similar, whereby the individual states that they are looking for an interesting, challenging position where they can utilize their skills to contribute to the bottom line.

Unfortunately, this does not tell much. You should grab the attention of the recruiter from the start, knowing that you have several seconds to make a good impression. So, create a summary that instantly grabs their attention and precisely describes you as a solution to their issues.

Always Network

Handing out resumes should be a constant thing if you’re unemployed. Most of the mid to senior-level positions are secured by networking and so, you’ll want to contact everyone you know that is in a position to share insights or hire you. This can include people you have worked for, personal business contacts, sales representatives, and vendors that you have worked with in the past and even individuals in platforms like LinkedIn.


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