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5 Easy Ways to Manage Employees as an HR



Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work at your hand? Piles of paper lying on your desk, countless emails jamming your priority folder, and to top that, you have to brief your staff about a new project. Sounds familiar, right?

How do we know? Well, a survey tells us almost a quarter of Australian workers are swamped by excessive work pressure, and Covid-19 has exacerbated the problem. And as an HR, you have to shoulder a larger responsibility of managing the employees and also maintain steady growth.

But do you know taking a few small steps can significantly reduce the burden? Below mentioned are the few things that HRs in top companies follow which set them apart from others. We hope that these will be of much benefit to you.

1. Set achievable goals

Setting clear goals and achievable milestones is of foremost importance for any company’s success. An ideal HR will always set the goals early and align them with its quarterly or yearly target. Setting feasible targets allow your employees to maintain the necessary work-life balance. Indeed, no one likes working on a project that drains them completely.

An effective way is to divide a large project into small segments and set weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals. This will help you gauge the progress regularly. At the same time, having a comprehensive overview will allow you to accelerate the speed when necessary. 

2. Monitor performances

While monitoring employee performances, most HR commit the common mistake of micromanaging. Don’t you find constantly being advised by your seniors hugely demotivating? Micromanaging dissuades staff from taking any original initiatives.

Instead, monitor their performances periodically based on the goals that you’ve set for them. A periodical analysis will help you understand each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Taking the help of AI-based employee management platforms like Happy HR eases the burden. Which in turn allows more time to make a perusal of that analysis. Based on the report, you can assign them responsibilities that they are capable of shouldering. 

3. Maintaining transparency

As per a survey, 81% of employees prefer joining a company that offers an open communication channel rather than huge perks and benefits. Unfortunately, according to the same survey, only 15% are satisfied with their company’s communication network. It’s not hard to understand the value of transparency in an office. 

As an HR, it is up to you to maintain an uninterrupted communication channel with your employees. If there is a change in the company policy, you should be the one to keep them in the loop. If the employees feel valued, they develop a sense of emotional attachment with the company. 

4. Keep an open mind

Maintain an open-door policy- your employees must feel free to talk to you in case of any problems. Earning the trust of juniors is an important thing that HRs often neglect or forget. Rather than bossing around the office, lead them by example.


Being open to new ideas also means you might need to accept your faults and embrace the change. While talking to your employee, instead of cutting them across, listen to their opinion with an open mind. A professional HR never jumps to conclusions or let their prejudice cloud the judgment. 

5. Be generous with praise and cautious with criticism

While assessing anyone’s progress, instead of simply passing a negative remark, provide your employees with solutions that you think they should have adopted. Criticism should be constructive and timely. 

While giving constructive criticism is beneficial for your employee’s professional growth, giving credit where it’s due is also equally important. Celebrate the hard work that you and your team have put into any project after its successful completion. A study done by Harvard Business Review shows that giving more praise than negative comments boost employees’ productivity.

In summary, as an HR, it is your job to guide your employees through a project and attune yourself to their needs. At the same time, you must show faith in their decision-making power and reward them when necessary. Taking assistance with the newest technologies will also take the edge of work pressure and allow you some free time. Cut yourself some slack! Because you deserve it.


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