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Top 5 Important Tips for Prepare for CAT 2019 Exam

CAT 2019 Exam

All the aspirants who want to be management students and want to pursue their MBA from institutions like IIMs and other well-known colleges give common aptitude test, also known as CAT. This year CAT 2019 is all set on November 24th, 2019, and all the aspirants have started preparing for the exam. If you are still having doubts regarding the colleges on-board, placements, fees, and other details, you can visit a forum like Pagalguy to confirm the same. Meanwhile, there can be many suggestions and understanding which may be given by the seniors, gurus, and family members. Here are 5 basic yet important tips for you to prepare for CAT 2019 exam.

#1. CAT 2019 Pattern

The initial preparation should come from understanding the pattern of the exam like the CAT pattern us a bit different and tricky from every other exam of competitive level. In total there will be three sections in the exam but not necessarily in particular order namely: Data interpretation and the logical reasoning which will test your ability to logically analyze the questions and situations, quantitative ability which comprises of questions related to basic mathematics and third part is of verbal ability and reading comprehension which mainly aims to test your English skills and your ability to interpret the texts or information being shared.

You should keep a note of the syllabus for all these three sections and the topics which must be covered to ensure the complete preparation working is done for the exam. It is also important to note that in CAT, every individual section is allocated a timeframe of 1 hour each so you can go back and forth from one section to another. You have to finish the part within the timeframe given, and the next section question will only be visible after the previous section timeslot of 1 hour is over. Therefore, it is important to strategize your preparation.

#2. Understand the questions count, Time slot and marking criteria for CAT 2019

Next important preparation tip is to understand the total questions count that will be asked in CAT 2019; this will help in allocating your available time frame and will increase solving capacity. The marking criteria are also different and interesting than any other common exam. The below snapshot will help you to understand the total count of questions, the time slot, and the marking criteria for CAT 2019:

Section Total questions count Time slot allocated Total number of MCQ in each section with negative marking of 1/3rd for each wrong answer Total number of subjective questions where answers have to be entered, and there is no choice or option Total Maximum Marks
Data Interpretation and logical reasoning 32 1 hour 25 7 96
quantitative ability 34 1 hour 25 9 102
verbal ability and reading comprehension 34 1 hour 25 9 102
Total 100 3 hours 75 25 300


It is important to note that the above table numbers are based on an approximation based on our estimates made by using the historical trend of the past 3 years. This is not an official criterion of CAT, 2019 and actual numbers may vary, but the overall pattern will still remain the same.

#3. Prepare Well and Strategize

While many of you may be taking coaching classes for CAT 2019 and some may be dependent upon self-study, or through online study, the third tip is to prepare well. It is important to solve the mock tests and sample papers in bulk while clearing your concept. As it is important that you practice and revise the topics which you have learned during your exam preparation.

#4. Adhering timeline

The fixed timeframe for each section makes it difficult for the applicants to attempt the complete questions within the timeframe. Therefore it becomes important that time management is done at the time of preparation and at the time of your exam. This can be achieved by noting your time while you solve the complete mock papers so that the timeline is followed in the exam.

#5. Have Faith

It is very common to have anxiety and confusion during the preparation time hence it is important to have faith on what you have prepared and from which source it can be from coaching or self-study or online or any other mode. If you have faith in your preparation half battle is already won. Next is to identify your week spots and work hard to understand those concepts and solve multiple questions so that this problem can be minimized.


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