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Teaching And Learning Improvements Due To Technology

importance of technology in education

The usher of technological changes can be considered as an integral part of achieving significant improvements in productivity. The world witnessed the support for both teaching and learning. Technology infuses classroom with digital methods, such as handheld devices and computers which help in expanding course offerings, learning materials, and experiences which are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Below are some points on how technology ( is assisting in increasing students engagement and motivating them which accelerates their learning.

Virtual Learning

A lot many areas have started supporting online learning opportunities that vary from classroom materials supplements to an occasional basis enrollment of students in full-time programs. Students preparing for various competitive exams such as CAT, IAS, UPSC, etc can participate in the learning process. Many other contractual private providers have also taken up the job of providing online learning opportunities.

Full-Time Online

Presence of some online virtual schools has deeply impacted the students learning areas. Students can also enroll in full-time virtual classes using their home devices. Students feel the privilege of not attending bricks and mortar school, instead, they are receiving information through online schools.

Open Educational Resources

Teaching, learning and research materials which reside in the public domain are freely available to everyone on the web. They can be used as infrastructure for learning and it is also critical to ensure these open educational resources meet their standards of quality, accuracy, and integrity along with educational resources.

Digital Resources

In addition to the use of devices such as laptop, smartphones and other devices, other technology such as educational tools have taken the initiative to shift the digital textbooks in order to align academic curriculum standards. One such educational tool is Byju’s app. A series of online books supports literacy to meet individual standards of students from advanced to underperformance ones. All the educational entities are taking up the advantage of the online tool to create digitalized study materials to support effective teaching.

These technical and academic changes focus on personalizing and connecting the learners to the real world. Check out the future of learning on BYJU’S and subscribe to its YouTube channel


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