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Top 7 IT Certifications Tips and Tricks from the Experts

IT Certifications Tips

Being in the IT industry, you probably be aware of blissful Sunday nights and hard-pressed time during weekdays. But it should not be like this as your career should be engaging and challenging so that every day turns out to be a great learning chapter.

Working in the IT industry either becomes a great experience if you have a good experience in different technologies or you unwillingly work because of the feeling of inferiority. Having a good position in the company along with high paychecks is the need of everyone which insists on a great curriculum vitae loaded with experience, skills, and accomplishments so far. If you want to trigger your success rate, I suggest certifying your skills by taking Intellipaat online certification courses on data science, big data, cloud computing etc.

IT offers plenty of opportunities to candidates, but it is up to us how we grab those opportunities. There are so many entry-level opportunities that you can opt to leverage your career. But the question is how to get onto those positions when one does not have required experience.

This post is for technicals and non-technicals, experienced and freshers who want to grow their careers by certifying their skills in different verticals of IT along with the effective tips one can look upon.

Let’s get started!

Big Data Certifications:

Hadoop is an open source platform used for storing Big data. Big data and Hadoop training introduce you to the core concepts of Hadoop.

CCA refers to Cloudera Certified Associate exams checks your core foundation skills and lays the groundwork for a candidate to certify his skills in the Cloudera Certified Professional program. You get three options at the CCA level.

-CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer

-CCA Data Analyst

-CCA Administrator

But, Hortonworks has 5 options when it comes to Hadoop certifications.

  • HDP Certified Developer
  • Hortonworks Certified Associate
  • HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer
  • HDP Certified Java Developer in Core Java tutorial
  • HDP Certified Administrator


You can easily get access to online training after paying a reasonable amount. Make sure you have practical knowledge of Hadoop as you may get certified, but you may get stuck in an interview.

AWS enrolls five role-based categories- cloud, developer, architect, cloud, at the associate, foundation, and professional level certifications. The foundation level certification is a gateway to AWS specialty certifications and checks a candidate’s knowledge of AWS cloud.

If you look forward to high-level credentials, Foundation certifications are worth trying. You do not need to have technical skills for Associate credentials. You need to obtain Associate certifications to achieve Professional-level certifications that further rectify your technical capabilities.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect credential is available at the associate and professional levels.

2. ITIL certification

The ITIL certification is in buzz nowadays. Many candidates aim to achieve this certification at first attempt, but they forget to follow the right pattern which left them unsuccessful.

First, they need to understand what this certification is all about. Is it worth their careers? What is the right place to take ITIL training? ITIL Training plays a crucial role in this certification.


Make sure you get coached by an experienced trainer. You can even ask him for sample paper and practice hard to get better.

The ITIL paper usually involves lots of questions related to abbreviations and technical terms. An experienced trainer would always know the role of keywords in solving these types of questions.

3. C and C++ certifications

Some of the most prominent certifications are available in languages like  Java, C#, Swift, Scala, SAS, JavaScript, Python tutorial for beginners, and Typescript.

The certification in C and C++ has much sought after. The certification has come to view in the 1960s  and the 1990s (C++). In the U.S., almost every university offers this certification to solidify skills of students in programming.

The certification has three levels- associate, professional, and senior. Though there are six potential certifications, the four certifications out of them are widely preferred.

LA: C Programming Language Certified Associate

CLP:  C Certified Professional Programmer

CPA: C++ Certified Associate Programmer

CPP: C++ Certified Professional Programmer


You can only grab these certifications if you are aware of the basics of HTML and coding practices. Make sure you begin with training only when you have a general understanding of these languages.

4. Best Management Certifications

Project management and IT operations are interlinked. No matter if you are a tech enthusiast, acquiring this soft skill is always an added advantage to your growth. The role of project management is challenging, and it involves planning, scheduling, budgeting, and execution. Going for this certification justifies your skills in dealing with tasks, complex or easy.

Primarily, there are 3 bifurcated forms of project management certifications.

Certified Scrum Master: Scrum alliance offers the CSM certification. Organizations religiously follow Agile, and this certification is the best way to showcase your skills.

Certified Associate in Project Management: Project Management Institute offers this certification which is known for its credibility worldwide.  It is ideal for candidates that have just begun with their careers in project management.

Project Management Professional: This is another certification that the PMI offers. This certification is one of the most valuable certifications, and tech companies prefer candidates with this certification to others.

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5. Cloud Computing Certifications

The growth of cloud credentials signifies the use of cloud in IT. Some are vendor specific, for example, VMware, Microsoft, and Amazon. Though cloud computing involves a lot of certifications, the list of important certifications is mentioned below.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional:  When it comes to cloud computing services, Amazon comes to mind first. Doing this certification will acknowledge to you the designing and deploying of cloud environments with the help of Amazon Web Services.

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure: From storage and networking to virtualization and identity management, MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certifies that you have detailed knowledge of Microsoft’s cloud technologies.

VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization: Cloud computing is based on Virtualization, and VMware offers the VCP6-DCV certification that displays your ability in data center virtualization via vRealize and VMware’s vSphere 6.0.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials and CompTIA Cloud+: You need to have a strong command of cloud computing and virtualization skills to clear the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification. The essentials certification is the basic certification while cloud+ covers the advanced level.

 6. Cisco Certified Network Associate Security

Cisco Certified Network Associate Security certification is offered by CISCO. The exams cover topics like installing, configuring, testing designing, creating, deploying, and checking of Cisco appliances in any architecture.  


If you want to appear in the exam, you need to know different types of attacks and threats against networks. A candidate should be able to curate effective policies regarding network security. Keep your knowledge up to date regarding Cisco products and technologies.

7. Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP is known for its security protection practices against malicious attacks. Having this certification means you have extensive knowledge of information security programs.


You would be asked regarding identity and access management, security assessment and testing, software development security, security and risk management, security engineering, network security and much more. There are many online forums you can take advantage of to clear your basics. Clearing this paper can earn you a reputed job of a system engineer.

Over to You

So these are top seven IT Certifications Tips you must do to enjoy a successful career. The tips mentioned above can help you prepare in the right way so that you do not need to appear again.

Good Luck!


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IT Certifications Tips
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