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Understanding Your Life During And After Law School

Law School Life
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There are so many reasons why people go to law school. As you begin the process of applying for law schools, you need to think ahead. What is life going to be like during your law school days? What is life going to be like if you want to become a judge? If becoming a judge is the goal, what is the road towards it? There are a few things that you should understand about your life during and after law school’s main and main career paths within the judicial system.

Law School Life

The three years of your law school life will be very challenging, to say the least. If you are used to being an introvert and not really showing off in class, that whole situation flips when you enter law school. You may get away with being quiet and not seeing your opinion in university but that is not the same during law school.

Law schools, especially the big ones, follow the Socratic method. The Socratic Method is a recitation focused teaching. Law professors are expected to ask the students questions about the topics and answer them. It is aimed at developing confidence and aggressive verbal tactics that a lawyer may use in practice. Most freshman law students give up on the first week of the Socratic method. 

Planning Ahead

Now that you know what life is going to be with the Socratic method, you need to keep in mind that there are other steps involved in practicing law and becoming a judge. 

A short walkthrough of your life ahead is provided below, such as:

You need to enroll in a good law school. It goes without saying but enrolling in a good boss will help you get the proper training and the right opportunities for the field and that you are in. Practicing law is all about creating the proper network of individuals who will help you and create a path towards your end goal. 

After enrolling in a good law school and theoretically passing all of your courses in three years, you would graduate from law school. Your graduation means that you are now eligible to take the state bar examination. While there are some employment opportunities that would allow you to work even without passing the bar examination, there is no use for your law degree if you do not pass the bar.

In the United States, every state requires a different bar exam. If you pass the bar in New York, you need to pass it again in Chicago if you want to practice law there. Of course, you are expected to know not just Federal Law but State Law as well. 

There are some states that would no longer require you to retake the bar to practice. For example, in the States of California and Florida, if you have complied with their required years of experience, you need not take the bar exam. 

If the end goal is not just to practice law but to eventually become a judge, you need to set yourself up to a world of hard work. Becoming a judge requires not just a great knowledge of the law but also experience that you need to gain through years of practice of law, litigation, corporate work, and basically any practice of law that you can think of.

However, if you want to get going with that dream, make sure that you enroll in an accredited law school and get years of practice from reputable law firms. You may also work at the District Attorney’s Office but this step is not a sure guarantee that you will become a judge faster.


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Law School Life
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