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Should we go ahead with Manual or Automated Web Testing



Manual or Automated Web Testing

Testing software is an essential task to do and it acquires high technical knowledge. There are two defined ways of testing a software either it will be Manual or Automated. Both of the processes has pros and cons but the point is that it completely relies on the requirement or the type of software we are going to test.

In this article, we are going to discuss them and make a conclusion for with which one of these process we should proceed.

Manual vs. Automated Testing

There are two vast areas comes under Manual and Automated testing. Testing methods like integration testing, system testing, performance testing, black box testing, white box testing, cross-browser testing, and load testing come under each one of them. Some of the methods will provide you there best results in manual testing while some of them will give excellent returns in automated testing. You can better understand about there potential and performance by reading their Comparison below:

Manual Testing

  • Manual testing is performed by the human its self, so there is a possibility of mistakes or errors hence it is less reliable.
  • It requires large human workforce to assign.
  • Manual Testing depends on human efforts and that’s why it consumes more time than the automated process.
  • Manual testing consists of human observation and it is helpful in a spreading the reach and develops mutual understanding with the consumers (in case of consumer experience improvisation).
  • It can only require when a test task is performed single or dual time and its repetition doesn’t require for the future.

Automated Testing

  • There are prescribe script assigned for automated testing so, the results came from it is much reliable and there is very less margin of errors.
  • Automated Testing doesn’t provide any user-friendliness or consumer relationship development as it is completely processed by machines or tools.
  • There are huge investment requirements for establishing its tools and machinery.
  • The process of Automated Testing is so much faster than manual testing work and it saves the time, Hence it also knows as dynamic process method.
  • This is the best option when the test task processed repeatedly over a long period of time.

When Should I Use Manual vs. Automated testing?

Usability Testing: In this area, you need to focus on user-friendliness and maximum consumer satisfaction of the software or service. In this case, it is better to use manual testing in this case.

Ad-hoc Testing: It is the completely unplanned form of testing software so, mutual understanding the only thing to focus in this kind of area. Therefore, manual testing is the best approach to carry on.

Regression Testing: There are frequent changes in codes taken place so it is become important to process them timely. In this type of testing, there is no better option than automated testing.

Load Testing: Automated testing use fewer resources and it works more efficiently in case of load testing.


After considering all the things discussed above you will be able to choose with which method you can go ahead in terms of requirement and the available resources.

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