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Marketing Trends of 2019 Which are Here to Stay

Marketing Trends

Things are changing so frequently in the world of marketing due to the shift in technology and customer preferences that it is difficult for a trend to stick for a long time.

Hence, we have come up with a list of trends in the year 2019 which are here to stay.

Marketing funnel Focusing on Niche Customers:

The current marketing trend is to open up marketing funnel only for customers who really may be interested in doing business with you. Businesses are focusing on a niche audience rather than opening up their marketing funnel for everyone. This way the marketing efforts can be limited to a small group of audience and as the research suggests that they are interested to do business with you, there are high chances of conversions.

Prioritizing Privacy and Security:

Security and privacy are getting more important than ever. With the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe, businesses handle customer information more delicately.

When we talk about security, customers are more prone to do business with companies with a good reputation so that their payment methods or information is not misused. Customers give utmost importance to secure transactions hence many businesses are opting to trade in cryptocurrency. As explained by Steve Mckay cryptocurrencies have slowly been transforming the way we trade, how people transact and it has ushered in a whole new era of money. Because transactions through this mode like Bitcoins is discreet, secure and simple, people may prefer to transact online through cryptocurrencies.

Voice Search is on the Rise:

Voice searching started as fun to many but slowly it grew on most people and nowadays billions of people have started using voice search to make a purchase. Voice assistance devices such as Google home and Alexa don’t even have screens but is being widely used to purchase items. In the coming years, voice search is going to be used more than ever.

Vertical Video is Being Preferred:

Most users watch YouTube on their phone hence the latest trend which is on the rise is vertical videos which can easily be viewed in the portrait layout of the phone without flipping it.

AI is Growing:

If you have been watching Netflix, you must have noticed that after some initial feedbacks, Netflix starts suggesting contents which you would like to watch. This is what Artificial Intelligence can do. AI can monitor your preferences and give suggestions of items you will be interested in. If you have visited a product on Flipkart or Amazon, you will notice that Google ad picks on it and keeps suggesting the same product to you so that you get influenced to buy it. Hope this explains to you how powerful is AI in the marketing world.

Identities of Influencer is Changing:

We knew celebrities as influencers whom brands used to approach to promote their products but that is not true anymore. Social media has changed the way things were done earlier. Vibrant personalities who have many followers are being approached by brands to market their products in social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Consumers connect with these influencers more than the celebrities as the influencers are next door people just like us.

The trends in marketing keep on changing hence you need to be vigilant and at par with the latest ongoing trends or else your business will be left behind.


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