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10 Platforms Offering Mental Health Counseling to Students

Mental Health Counseling

Usually, health is associated with proper nutrition, working out, and avoiding unhealthy habits. It must be right, as soon as the famous Latin phrase tells us “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. But do we care enough about our mental health?

Mental health issues come up even more often in a time of a pandemic. Specifically, this problem is well-known to youths who have to face their study problems besides the world crisis. It is getting harder to keep calm with constant deadlines and papers and without much social activity. But don’t worry. There’s always an essay editing service that can come to the rescue. You just take care of yourself.

In this article, we’ve prepared ten resources to help students handle stress. These digital healthcare platforms allow you to be heard. Because being alone with your struggles all the time can affect your mental health poorly. These online platforms can offer you mental health counseling.

Here, you can find online support and new powers to keep your fight with such long-term results of isolation as stress, or even anxiety, and depression.

1. Mantra Health

This platform could be incredibly convenient for students because it integrates their program with the universities’ counselings. They focus on students’ problems explicitly. Often, students go through more trauma than they acknowledge. On Mantra Health, you can find solutions for young adults’ issues. By making lifestyle changes, tracking your mood, and solving one problem at a time, you can quickly enough back on track.

2. Breathe2Rela‪x

Sometimes, the only person who can help when we are emotionally distressed is ourselves. Breathe2Rela‪x is a valuable tool for stress management. This application allows you to learn some breathing techniques and, by that, decrease your stress level. Also, these exercises can be handy with anger control and anxiety attacks.

3. Sanvello

This is another way to feel better in these challenging times. Except for finding support here, you can monitor your emotional health and check your progress. It’s a good choice for students struggling with loneliness and anxiety. This application can be used as additional help on your path to stable mental health.

4. SuperBetter

SupperBetter’s motto is ‘You are stronger than you know.’ You can use play games for developing emotional resilience. This important skill helps you prevent mental health problems. You can make your life much better by learning how to face changes and challenging situations and find allies around you.

5. MindShift

This free program could be helpful for those students who have anxiety and stress management issues. If you are looking for relief, download this free app and start your journey. The MindShift is based on proven psychological strategies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Besides, this application’s user-friendly design and simplicity make it a first-aid kit in the world of mental health crises.

6. Beat Panic 

You can use this application in an active phase of a panic attack to prevent consequences. It is a pretty simple application. It works as a distraction. Beautiful flashcards and meaningful messages of this program help you focus on something other than your panic attack. You just look at nice pictures, breathe deeply, and try to calm down.

7. Headspace

This is the best option for those who want to try mediation. But not exclusively. This well-recognized app includes articles, videos, and podcasts to make you a more relaxed, and self-aware person. Just a few minutes of using Headspace a day can calm you down and make you happier. Just don’t forget to use their mindfulness guide every day.

8. MoodTools – Depression Aid

This application is designed to help you recover from negative emotions and even depression states. MoodTools diary can help you to track your thoughts and avoid toxic patterns in the future. Another service, Safety Plan could be used in case of suicidal crises. But please, remember that this app can’t replace professional mental health counseling. 

9. Samaritans Self-Help

Samaritans Self-Help is Another self-help application, which aims to take care of your mental health. Here, you can make a personal safety plan and collect photos, pictures, or anything that makes you feel better. This application’s primary mission is to help you find your inner powers to fight mental health issues. That is why this program is focused on helping you express your thoughts and feelings.

10. 7 cups

You can find someone who can listen to you in the form of free peer support on this site. 7 cups can help you with your obstacles and become your friend. You can meet listeners here, volunteers who will talk to you in chats, or take online counseling with licensed therapists. Sometimes, all of us feel lonely, and it is a precious gift to have somebody to talk to.

Of course, if you feel deep sadness for a long time, it is better to appeal to mental health professionals and therapists. But the tools above can be a good support when you have no other possibility in the corona crisis.

Wrapping Up:

Either way, all those applications, and platforms were designed with the help of mental health professionals. They know how the brain works and what are the best ways to calm down. You can also contact professional coaches, therapists, or tutors on some of the sites.

It’s up to you what application or counseling option you chose. But you should never forget about the importance of mental health and treat yourself with positive emotions as much as you treat yourself with a plate of good-tasting food. Life is too short to spend it in anxiety because you are afraid to ask for help.


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