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Microloans and Bank Loans: What is the difference?

Microloans and Bank Loan

Loans and microloans help people solve financial issues. The products have significant differences in terms of terms, requirements for borrowers, amounts, registration procedure, and other conditions.

Requirements for borrowers – where is it easier to get money

Taking out a loan is more difficult than a microloan. Banks are tightening requirements, the level of approval of loan applications is declining. The borrower needs to meet certain conditions:

  • the presence of a confirmed income;
  • good credit history;
  • availability of collateral (for some loan products);
  • certain experience at the last job, etc.

Getting a bank refusal is becoming commonplace. The reasons are not named, but it could be bad credit history, the high burden on other loans, and other factors.

It is easier to take a microloan

To apply for a microloan, you need to meet simple requirements – the age of 18 years, the presence of a passport, and a mobile phone. You do not need to confirm official employment with certificates, as well as invite guarantors or provide a deposit. Microcredit services also take into account CH but do not focus on it, there is a possibility of getting a loan even with not the best credit history.

Registration methods – microloans are issued online

Microcredit attracts with the possibility of a loan on a card without visiting the lender’s office. This is a technologically advanced segment of lending that uses modern technologies. The algorithm is very simple:

  • Go to the service website and select the parameters of the loan.
  • Fill out the form and send it for consideration.
  • The service checks the application and makes a decision.
  • If approved, it remains to sign the contract and receive the money.

In the case of microloans, everything happens online, money can be ordered anywhere and at any time. This product is comparable to a personal spare wallet that is always at hand.

Bank loan processing

Banks also use online tools, allowing them to submit applications over the Internet, but in most cases, customers have to visit the office to sign an agreement. The application is considered longer, the person may be required to provide additional information and documents.

Amounts and terms are the key differences between loan products

A microloan is issued for a short period (on average for 1 month) and provides for the issuance of small amounts. The loan is repaid in one payment, there is no schedule (if you wish, you can close the microcredit in several payments within a month, as money appears). If there are difficulties with the return, then it is possible to extend the microloan by paying interest (prolongation service).

Microcredit helps to solve urgent issues that require money. The tool perfectly copes with this task, allowing you to replenish the card in just a few clicks.

A loan is a product for people who need a large amount of money. It is issued for a period of several years and is canceled every month. This is a more serious financial burden.


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