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Is It Dangerous To Use Moving Services During The Pandemic?

During The Pandemic

Moving is definitely a very cumbersome task. And a pandemic like a coronavirus adds insults to injury. During this pandemic, the countries are in a nation-wide lockdown, and only essential services are available, moving has become a challenge. Also, all states have different policies and measures for lockdown and availability of essential services, do make sure that your state considers moving services as a part of essential services. If they include it, then you can plan your move. Also, if it is not important for you to relocate then you must postpone your move. Provided that your lease is not coming to an end or you don’t have to get back to your family, you may decide to postpone your move.

As it is not safe to move out during this pandemic, you must give the thought of relocation a second thought. You must decide to wait for some time and reschedule your plan until the time the social distancing norms still prevail in the country. In case you cannot postpone the plan, then you need to work parallel to the moving company because in such a situation you cannot just handover the complete task to them and relax. You have to work with them to ensure that you relocate safely.

You can do the packing of small items on your own and handover the task of packing other items to the moving team. Also, you can ask the moving company not to stop at any rest stops for rest. If you are hungry, then you can get the food packed. Sanitize your hands every time you get out to buy something. By following these steps, you can relocate safely.

As many services are not available during the pandemic and social distancing is one of the most important measures to be followed to avoid transmission of the virus, there are a lot of challenges that you will be facing while moving. Here, we provide you with a list of those challenges and how you can overcome them.

1. Moving services

The first and foremost challenge that you come across is the availability of moving services in your area. Even if the moving services are available, you need to make sure that they follow proper guidelines while moving. For this, you need to do proper research work. You can check their websites and call them personally to be sure. Ask questions like: 

  • What rules and regulations do they have for their team?
  • What policy do they have for the cancellation and postponement of the appointment?
  • What are their estimated charges?
  • Do they clean their packing material before using them for their next client?

Enquire about all the necessary points to be kept into consideration and then book a deal.

2. Sanitization

While the easiest way of transmitting this disease is coming in contact with contaminated surfaces, we must maintain cleanliness around us. While moving, a team will be entering your house, and if anyone sneezes or coughs, droplets will land on surfaces, and if anyone touches those surfaces, chances of transmitting the disease will be higher. So it is advisable to clean and sanitize your belongings well in advance.

Also, wash and sanitize your hands at regular intervals. Furthermore, keep a sanitizer at the entrance of your house for the moving team as well.

3. Social Distancing

In this pandemic, while we all are suggested to maintain a distance of 6 f00t from others we must follow the same every time. This implies that all the activities of loading and reloading must take place by maintaining a 6-foot distance by everyone. Make sure that the team follows social distancing among themselves and with you as well.

By keeping these basic points in mind you can move without much risk of transmitting the disease.

Also, make sure that the moving companies keep in consideration sanitization and social distancing norms while providing their services.

Read more about the measures that they must consider in this pandemic here:

  1. Conducting virtual surveys instead of home surveys to provide estimates, so as to prevent the spreading of the virus.
  2. Sanitizing their trucks and packing material after every appointment, in order to make sure that nothing is left contaminated. Or are they using new boxes or recycles boxes for packing.
  3. Maintaining social distancing among team members and with clients as well.
  4. Following and adhering to the guidelines set by the government authorities, so as to avoid any sort of problems and issues at the time of moving from one state to another.
  5. They must provide the proper guidelines regarding cancellation and postponement of appointments. They must mention whether they will be charging cancellation fees and, if there is any, then what proportion of the moving charges will be. Also, there may be a possibility that you will have to postpone the dates of moving, then what provisions do they have for that.
  6. They must provide disposable gloves, masks, and sanitizers to their team and guide them to maintain social distance while packing and loading.

If the moving companies are not following these steps, then they may have to face adverse consequences if before they are penalized by the authorities, they might encounter the disease and because of them, you may also become infected. So, make sure that the company adopts all these measures before making an appointment with them. And in case you are not feeling well, so must reschedule your plan in order to avoid any sort of risks. Make sure that everything takes place under your guidance.

Storage companies are still available and they are rendering their services but here also, you must make sure that they are not overloaded with customers and they follow proper guidelines, sanitization and practice social distancing, etc.

If you can ensure that all these points will be well taken care of, then you can move easily and safely, lest you may wait for some time.


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During The Pandemic
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