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How A Product Management Certification Can Add Up To Your Resume

Product Management Certification

If you are into product management, then you should get a product management certification to expand your skillset. 

You can gain skills without certification as well; however, the knowledge you gain from a certification has no substitute. On top of that, having a product management certification in your resume can help you to grow your career. 

What is Product Management Certification?

So, what does a product manager do? Can a certification help you to become a Product Manager of caliber?

Product Management certifications are documents issued by PM authorities, which provide proof of an individual’s knowledge about product management. This certification grants evidence that you are officially approved to be product management professional.

Product Management Certification

Through a product management certification course, you can improve some competencies, which are essential aspects of product managers to fulfill their duty.

  • Detailing, implementing, and analyzing product metrics
  • Proceed with products effectively through all essential phases, from concept to completion
  • Improve product life cycle development, generate ideas, and estimate price and revenue
  • Improve communication skills, negotiation skills, team management skills, and more

Product Management Certification will be helpful for both experienced product managers looking to up skill themselves, as well as new product managers who are looking to advance their careers. 

How Will Product Management Certification Help You to Achieve Your Goals?

Let us look at the benefits of the product management certification and correlate with the role of product managers. 

Skills Required Product Managers

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

Employers tend to give more priorities to a Product Manager who has the professional certification. 

Certifications can differentiate you from other professionals in the field, showing that you have more understanding and knowledge about your profession. It will give you an advantage in today’s competitive market. 

It is worth investing in product management certification courses or training, noting that your salary will potentially grow after you are certified.

  • Boost Your Potential

Product management can boost your career advancement potential in the manner that you work more practically while doing the course. Unlike other certifications, this certification training is more concerned about smart, practical practices than theory work. So, this way, it helps you boost your potential for career advancement. 

  • Expand Your Knowledge and Skill

Product Management is a high demand skill. 

Industries of various sectors hire personnel who have a higher level of organizational and leadership skills, along with many other skills. Product Managers are trained to develop such skills. You will not only know how to take a product through success but also improve the quality of your work, which can make you and your team more satisfied. 

  • Earn More Money

Product Management Certification not only shows your domain knowledge but demonstrates that you are committed to your profession. This will also convince your employers to invest in you and pay you more if you hold a certification. 

  • Accomplish Goals Faster

The Product Manager sets a product strategy and coordinates activities required to finish the product. The main goal is the success and quality life cycle of the product. 

However, a goal without a plan can set you up for weeks or even months of work. But, if you approach your goal the same way a Certified Product Manager would, you will be achieving your goals faster while foreseeing challenges and prioritizing what matters.

  • Confidence

One of the secondary benefits of having a Product Management Certification is that you will become confident about the skills and be ready to implement it for industrial purposes. 

After all, it will be challenging to be confident if you feel like you are still missing something. Once you get your certification, you will gain confidence and prepare yourself to get things done as a Product Manager.

Career Paths for a Product Manager

The Product Manager has vast and various career paths in the current market. Some organizations have a different role with different responsibilities, while some have a single position with multiple responsibilities. The number of roles a company or an organization will have depends on numerous factors like the size, growth, and others. 

Given below are some of the career paths that a Product Manager should know about:

  • Associate Product Manager

To get hired in this role, companies and organizations would want to know your understanding of Product Management and your interest in it. Associate Product Managers are expected to be involved with most of the things a Product Manager does on a minor scale. 

  • Product Manager

To prove your grip on this role, it is not only necessary that you have some experience in Product Management but also some expertise, which signifies communication, collaboration, and prioritization skills. It is one of the significant roles, and you will need to be precise, assured, and well aware of the data.

  • Senior Product Manager

To get hired for this role, you should have a good grip and some direct experience in Product Management. A brief knowledge of the market and product is also required. 

As compared to product managers, the responsibilities of a Senior Product Manager are a little different, with some higher impact and higher visibility products. You will lead the Product Manager and work with them to contribute and accomplish the product strategy.

  • Director of Product

A Product Director role requires leadership experience and has to be able to build a team and generate trust with them. This role further focuses on building better processes while refining the previous ones to improve the overall team performance. They are also a mentor for the rest of the product management team.

  • VP of Product 

The role of a VP of Product is a support resource responsible for the product set. At this point in Product Management, you are significantly less involved with hands-on activities related to the product development process. 

Your roles and responsibilities include budgeting for the product, ensuring that strategic product decisions align with business objectives, and protect the management of any internal politics.


A product management certification can help you develop your skills and talents to become a good manager of resources, create workflow designs, and manage product designs in a limited time frame. 

The Product Manager certification on your resume means that you have worked and know all the skills that the industry requires of you; hence you are more likely to get hired.


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