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Know How the Queen Mary University of London will Help You Stand Out in Your Career



Know how the Queen Mary University of London will help you stand out in your career

The People’s Palace was founded in 1887 as a charity endeavour to offer culture, creativity, and education in east London. Students in the First People’s Palace Technical Schools excelled in their studies and aided in developing the academic brilliance necessary for permanent admission to the University of London in 1915. Today, Queen Mary University of London is dedicated to the idea of educating students from all walks of life and continues to devote both teaching and research to the public good.

Being a member of the Russell Group, it attracts some of the best students from across the globe and funds nearly two-thirds of the UK’s research. Russell Group institutions provide high standards of research and teaching to ensure that its graduates are highly appreciated by businesses, providing you with an advantage when applying for jobs or further education.

In recognition of its sector-leading support for public engagement and dedication to excellence, Queen Mary University of London has been granted the Platinum-level Engage Watermark. This is the first award of its type in the UK, recognising the University’s commitment to public involvement. In 2016, Queen Mary became the first university to get a Gold Engage Watermark.

The primary objective is to deliver high-quality and relevant study programs that allow you to get the most out of your study time. You will graduate with a more comprehensive combination of skills and knowledge that employers find incredibly appealing. In addition to seminars and lectures, the institution provides first-rate research and transferable skills training, dedicated postgraduate facilities, and chances to present and debate your work with peers and international conferences.

According to the Graduates Outcomes Survey 2020, 95% of postgraduate and doctoral graduates are employed or pursuing further education within six months of graduation. The careers team at Queen Mary will assist you in making the most of your chances while you are studying and provide professional guidance to help you plan for the future.

The Queen Mary Careers and Enterprise team offers a variety of services and guidance to assist you in gaining a better understanding of what to expect in the “real world” of employment. This will help you stand out in your career by advising and supporting you. It’s the ideal location to gather suggestions and comments. The team is well-informed about current job trends and may share this information with you. They provide you with advice on how to go to where you want to go and assist you in developing the skills and experience you’ll need to get there.

If you’re looking for internships or placements, make sure to get an appointment with the team to go through your CV and applications. They’ll give you helpful tips on what firms want and how to make your application stand out. You may also schedule a mock interview. The Careers and Enterprise team offers excellent interview strategies to help you feel equipped and prepared for any upcoming interviews. The Queen Mary University of London careers department is the ideal place to start if you believe you lack job experience or wish to gain more experience in a relevant sector. The career experts can assist you in locating an appropriate background that fulfils your requirements and fits into your schedule.

Furthermore, if you want to start your own business, here is the place to start. If you have a business idea, you may apply for a Queen Mary Enterprise Fund grant to help you bring it to reality. The more you extend and enhance it, the more funding you will request. 


The Queen Mary University of London careers and Enterprise team is there to help you find a job or apply for higher education while you are in the university and even two years after you graduate. It will make you feel more confident in making professional decisions and more prepared to achieve your career goals. You will be able to obtain an internship and placement with the assistance and supervision of the outstanding careers and enterprise team, and it may help you get your dream job after graduation.

The application process to apply for QMUL courses is quite simple. UG candidates have to apply via UCAS, while PG candidates can apply directly via the website. Essential documents are to be submitted along with the application fees. Once your application is submitted, the university officials will take 2-3 weeks to get back to you with the final offer. If you get accepted by the university, apply for a student visa and be ready to kickstart your study abroad journey.  

Life at this University is a remarkable experience in a UK university gives its students a plethora of chances, ranging from experiencing a global culture to undertaking high-quality research. The Queen Mary University of London provides a comprehensive campus experience and fosters student participation, which will undoubtedly help you stand out in your career.

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