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Signs of Stress Addiction and How to Break it

Signs of Stress Addiction

There are two types of people: those who hate being stressed and those who thrive under huge pressure. Daily life is pretty stressful nowadays, which comes with a major danger: one might get addicted to stress! It might sound weird but psychologists explain that some people feel the need to be productive all the time, which makes them see stress as something desirable. If you are the overachiever type, the person who can’t chill and enjoy a day at the pool, you might be addicted to stress. Since this addiction is hard to spot, here are some telltale signs to look for.

You can’t relax

If you can’t enjoy a day when you just exist, without having anything to do, you might have an addiction to stress. Persons who feel guilty when they kick back and relax are those who crave the adrenaline rush of being under pressure all the time. When you are under a lot of stress your body releases a specific mix of hormones to help you overcome the rough time, but this also means your body is under physical stress. In time, this leads to diseases, many of them potentially deadly, like cardiovascular disease. If you notice that you can’t just relax from time to time, do consider a stress addiction.

You set unrealistic deadlines for yourself

People who are addicted to stress often set unrealistic deadlines for themselves, especially for tasks which are not time-sensitive. This helps them get that rush they are actually looking for, so this is a major red flag. To avoid becoming addicted to pressure, try to be realistic and only set deadlines for yourself from time to time, in order to keep yourself productive. You can also work on setting a deadline for finishing work and just relax at the end of the day, so you can learn how to live without stress.

Your overbook yourself

When people like your boss overbooks your schedule you might be angry. However, if you live for these moments or you overbook your schedule yourself, it’s a sign of stress addiction. There is a fine line between a busy person and someone who is actively seeking to overbook their schedule, knowing that they can’t possibly get everything done.

You love drama

Stress addicts love drama and when they can’t find one, they somehow manage to create it. But this is rare, as adrenaline addicts tend to attract drama in their lives. This has to do with the fact they are always irritable and frustrated from living such a stressful live which puts a toll on their body.

You can’t find joy in relaxation

Healthy people enjoy having a day off when they have nothing to do. Stress addicts perceive such a day as boring and they might feel out of place. If you can’t enjoy a simple walk in the park, you need to make sure you actually get more walks in the parks, to make a habit out of relaxation. If this doesn’t do the trick you might have to look for specialized treatment, which might include a stress detox and therapy.


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