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Submit Your Quotes

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You being an ordinary person might have a treasure of wisdom and experience, and we welcome you for that. If you have some important quote of a famous personality or of your own, experienced or observed in some situation of your life then you can post it. We give you the platform to share your wisdom of words to many other who are eagerly waiting for them to ease and better their lives in certain ways. Like your quote could become an inspiration to clear some difficult obstacle of the life, which he is constantly struggling with.

Please make sure that you don’t make use of any absurd language before posting anything on the website. You will be prohibited to access the website if you post something on the website which is not suitable in language or in practice. Controversial thoughts and quotes are unwelcomed on the website.

Inspiring someone to bring joy to one’s life will also bring positivity to your life. So it is great to be a source of happiness and confidence in one’s life.

If You have a Quote which we have not yet included in this collection, you are most welcome to submit it.

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