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People will talk if you do good, People will talk if you do bad, People will always talk but never let that hold you back. ― Richard Gocka Jr.

No one can teach you a lesson of your life, but your own Mistakes can! ― Govind Sharma

You need a companion for your thought process than a physical relationship. ― Rajasaraswathii

Jhukna insan ki saan hoti hai. Akad murde ki pehchan hoti hai. ― Abhinav Chaudhary

हमेशा खोया रहना व ध्यान ना देना इस बात का संकेत है कि आपका ध्यान किसी काम मे पूरी तरह केंद्रित है और आप उस काम मे सफल जरुर हो जायेंगे फिर चाहे वे काम कुछ भी हो | ― सूर्य प्रताप सिंह (CEO, Aezowie)

Time is a Carcinogen. Your probability of developing cancer is directly proportional to the Time you spend on this planet. ― Sarfraz Memon. Maryland USA.

We don’t always learn the right lesson from a mistake; until we do, we tend to make these same mistakes. ― Jonathan Celestin

In life, there are two types of supporters; those who motivate you till the end and those who do it at end. ― Jonathan Celestin

The will to continue despite all failures is what will help you accomplish all your goals.― Jonathan Celestin

Yoga and meditation are discipline to create your own peaceful world “ “ Strength is not that which we feel in arms, strength is that which seems in our attitude and confidence, it comes from balance of BODY,MIND,SOUL  ―  Samit Singh


You being an ordinary person might have a treasure of wisdom and experience, and we welcome you for that. If you have some important quote of a famous personality or of your own, experienced or observed in some situation of your life then you can post it. We give you the platform to share your wisdom of words to many other who are eagerly waiting for them to ease and better their lives in certain ways. Like your quote could become an inspiration to clear some difficult obstacle of the life, which he is constantly struggling with.

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