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Top 10 Business Ideas In India

Business Ideas In India

With the increasing initialization in India, more and more opportunities are opening up. More people are getting aware of the technology trend and are starting small businesses with the thought to grow your business digitally. They are using the available resources to make the best of it. 

When a company is established, it is important to keep it in motion and growing. For a stable and growing business, the technical fundamentals should be strong, with strong core values. The understanding of strengths and weaknesses is vital too. Some of the top business ideas in India are:

  1. Home Solar Energy Set Up: This is one of the business ideas that can benefit themselves as well as improve and make people’s lives better. For this, only a solar equipment setup needs installation on roofs or balconies. The demand for solar energy equipment is high since it saves energy and cost for people which is a good investment. It is one of the newer business ideas in Indian villages as well in places where there are problems with electricity. 
  2. Internet Infrastructure Building Company: The demand for better internet is growing all over the country with the increase in the user population. The rural areas are still developing and cannot afford the larger corporations’ higher costs and connectivity issues. It makes for an ideal business to start at a place where the requirement is high. It is not a low investment business, but if marketed properly, the growth can be fast and stable, leading to good revenue.
  3. Inventory Management/ Warehouse: Since e-commerce is one of the most trending jobs at present, you can play that to your advantage by setting up a warehouse. Instead of the e-commerce company doing all by setting up a place and logistics, this warehouse would do that. Just with a piece of land not used or even an apartment, one can start this business and also tie up with the shipping company to send the goods to their destination.
  4. Delivery Solution Company: These companies are high in demand, especially with the Covid situation, but there remain problems in the delivery system. Due to the lack of connectivity, it is problematic to deliver in rural areas. By setting up warehouses in the outskirts of the city, one can start a delivery business as it increases the reach and if the connectivity is good. There are still many places most delivery companies are not willing to go. The challenge is to try and fill these gaps if you really want a profitable business.
  5. Event Planner: Events take place all the whole year. People like to celebrate any occasion on a larger scale. If one has experienced through any part-time or full-time job and also the proper resources that can deliver different essential goods, one can try their hands at event management. The most important thing is to know multiple caterers and organizers who can be of help in any event project. Always make a budget based on the requirement of the client and use the resources accordingly.
  6. Social Media Management: Social media has turned out to be an essential strategy for a company. A social media expert has more opportunities for freelancing, where companies would hire them to handle and improve their social media accounts and advertisements. The main job would be market analysis and developing strategies based on the companies’ requirements. Knowing the current social media trends and using them to the advantage of the companies would be a requirement for such a business.
  7. Web Designer: Web designing has seen a constant rise in demands for some time. Many small businesses and start-ups are using the internet and want to go completely digital. With this comes the need for web designers. For this business, the only thing required is web designing skills and a system to execute. Putting on advertisements or approaching local businesses also needs to be done to get projects. It is one of the low-cost businesses you can start.
  8. Makeup Artist: The investments in this area more, but if the necessary skills are present, it can get good returns. With this, one can take freelancing jobs for different people or get connected with event or wedding planners so that they can refer you for any events. With this business, networking is the main work and also to keep the client most satisfied so that they can also refer you to someone else.
  9. Wedding Planner: Wedding planning is a very lucrative and high-profit business these days. The idea about the work with proper networking and multitasking can make you a good wedding planner. It takes a lot of planning to start from deciding the destination to different rituals, food, handling guests, and almost everything that goes on at the wedding. The simple planning and how well you execute all the weddings will help in getting more projects and revenue.
  10. A Travel Agency: The need for a perfect vacation is growing because of the busy and never stopping schedule of people. If one has the planning of resources to meet the needs of clients, then they can start a travel agency. An important factor here would be the connection with different hotels, staying outlets and also the transport facilities all over the country. The main work is to book tickets for the clients and suggest and get the best travel plan for their budget.


As discussed, people are getting more opportunities with the increasing technology and its reach in smaller areas. Many ideas can be used to make people’s lives better and some very cost-efficient too. The most important thing is not just to start a business but also to maintain the quality for it to keep growing.



Business Ideas In India
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