“Conserve your cultural diversity, preserve it for future identities.”

“Our heritage talks about the roots of our nation.”

“Save your heritage from damage, as it is the most precious asset.”

“Be proud of Indian heritage, as it has a lot to offer.”

“Preserve your monuments to memorize history and understand its mystery.”

“World heritage day aims to identify the beauty of monuments and preserves their identity from the roots.”

“Imbibe values to youth; involve them in cultural exchange programs to preserve your heritage.”

“I can feel that the world on this day is not quite the same as all the times of our lives previously.” 

“Memory is the fortune spot of the psyche where the monuments of the psyche are stored and preserved.” 

“Take interest in national monuments, understand their worth as they are a matter of pride for the entire nation.”

World Heritage Day Quotes Wishes That Will Enrich Your Mind With Knowledge