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What is a Farmhouse Style Kitchen?

Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Since it has emerged as the hot trend in the modern world, you can hardly go a day without hearing someone asking what is a farmhouse style kitchen. Basically, this is an architectural term used for a fully furnished kitchen that can be used obviously for food preparation, entertainment, and dining.

A few years back, kitchens were off-limits to guests. The main reason behind this being, kitchens generally had a poor condition such as smokey stoves hence needed to be separated from the rest of the rooms and food contamination was a major concern too.

Farmhouse kitchen once had three distinctive key elements: rural setting, functional and informal living space. That’s long gone because there is a lot of decors you can add that brings about warm, simple yet savvy looks that rhyme with almost every home. Your kitchen should tick some boxes for it to qualify as a farmhouse kitchen. Stick around while we explore some of them.


You definitely don’t want your kitchen feel overwhelmed when serving a considerable number of people, right? Big hefty farmhouse sinks offer ample space for washing dishes and large farm produce without having to spill water all over the place. American reviewed some of the latest farmhouse sinks here:


Old times kitchens typically included freestanding pie safes, hutches, and presses for storing supplies. You can tuck one or two freestanding cabinets in your kitchen to replicate the same with vintage features or colored differently from the rest of the cabinetry. When it comes to color, consider white as it goes a long way back to set that farmhouse feel and mood.


You can use wood, soapstone or marble on countertops to create a farmhouse allure. Of the three, soapstone is the best. It is simply inert, heavy, smooth and brings vintage appearance with it. It is impervious to stain hence easier to clean. Soapstone can handle hot pots without getting burned.


Wall-mounted doorless shelves and cabinets give your kitchen that classic farmhouse look. We all love to see what goodies are on display. Additionally, you can locate or grab whatever utensil you want easily. You can also consider replacing upper cabinets with bracketed or floating shelves. Transparent glass cabinets are a great option too.

Classic Flooring

You definitely want your floor to be classic yet easier to clean. Hard-wood floors rhyme perfectly with farmhouse kitchens but you can also consider black and white tiles or checkered linoleum. If you settle for the wood floor, you can paint it but leaving hardwood in its natural color add a vintage look to your kitchen.

Unique Tables

These tables are the heart of the kitchen. They are workhorses that pull double duty: food preparation space such as chopping vegetables or rolling dough and offers good eating space. Farmhouse tables have taken different finishes and shapes over the years as people tried to blend it with the kitchen’s environment. Yours too should be in the same line.

Vintage Accent

You cannot classify your kitchen as a farmhouse if looks like every other kitchen in the neighborhood. Personal style and taste play a vital role here. Traditional and modern trends mix quite admirably. Taking part in the styling is great fun. Consider pottery, pitchers, lighting or other accessories that bring about that nostalgic environment.

The Fire Place

Nothing adds that cozier and nostalgic feel to a farmhouse kitchen than a fireplace. You can have an active fireplace or just have it for decorative purposes. In the event you can’t have either of these, consider bricking a small section on the wall or install mantelpiece with unique decorative designs.

Islands and Stools

In case your kitchen is small and can’t accommodate large tables, consider islands and stools. They are convenient and can handle the same task as the cozy tables. Any flat surface can simply be transformed into an island. You can have the stools made from timber or metal and instruct the painter on your style so as to reflect your personal taste and flair.


Farmhouse kitchens will never run out of fashion or taste. Who doesn’t want to feel home away from home? The sinks and faucets may be the determining factor but remember to include other discussed features for an all-around farmhouse kitchen. Hopes this article shed some limelight on what is a farmhouse style kitchen and its features.


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