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Why Look for an Interior Designer When You Can Yourself be one?

Interior Designer

“Home Sweet Home” 

This is no more simply a phrase but something which people actually mean by turning a four-walled house into a beautifully decorated ‘Home’. Designing your residence is a hard nut to crack, whether its inside or outside. 

However, zooming into the interior part of house designing is something which cannot be missed by you. Certainly, it’s the inside environment of a well-designed home that can turn all your negatives into positives, your low mood into a jolly one, as well as your sorrows into a great fortune (as said by some astrologers).

Design is more than pretty pictures! interior decoration is a task which even you can practice by learning a few tricks and implementing some useful hacks where they all work well whether you go for remodelling your office area or renovating your living space or while constructing a new house.

So, get the designing power in your hand and make your living area more functional by picking up the best options mentioned underneath to rejuvenate your place and making it worth living.  

# Display what you Need, Portray what you Feel

The interior decor of your accommodation should go without saying. It’s not the same time when your grandparents used to flaunt each and everything they possessed covering every nook and corner. Instead, today, people just display the modest form of things which eventually come to use in their daily life. 

You merely need to concentrate on the vital elements and pieces which you should be living with so that they make you feel great and inspired and spread positive vibes all around the space.

Paintings, flower pots, decor pieces, books and its cabinet, curtains, rugs, candles etc. are some of the home materials which can be createdby own and set up accordingly. Its is recommended to keep your place as open as possible to make it appear spacious while making the best use of the available space throughout the entire area.

# Less is always More, Invest in Small

Lesser the number of show pieces and decorative materials put on view more is the visibility of your highly designed home. Extra elements placed just for enhancing the inner beauty is not enough until they serve a purpose too.

With trending furniture, light lamps and many others, one is given the privilege to use the decorative material for multiple purposes. This benefits the most to the people who have small houses to make the best use of the limited space and ultimately, creating a ton of extra room.

One can have installed drawers instead of bedside tables, a laundry basket with a usable surface top, a coffee table also serving as a footrest, additional storage underneath the stairs and much more beyond imagination. Thanks to technology and the decor industry!

In this advancing era, one can find numerous brilliant furniture makers intuitive enough to provide you with the best at affordable rates to enhance your name and status both in your society. On a wiser note renting is the new trend and can be done easily for a feasible duration of time. In India, one can rent furniture online in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and at many major cities with great deals and offers. 

# Make Well Use of Surface

Usually, the halt occurs when you need to design your minimum area with the maximum, simultaneously making it never to come off as heavy-handed or too much to the eyes. Yes, one must make the most use of the provided space but ‘Wisely’.

From North to South and East to West, everything must be well organized and must have a rhyme and a reason to flow together smoothly. One can consider managing the storage and space with the following essentials and today’s most important assets:

  • Wall-mounted lights
  • Folding wall tables and desks
  • Built-in seating
  • Dual-purpose tables and chairs
  • Functional kitchen shelves/walls

Built-ins is the new trend that takes less space and covers the most and maximal, lending free and open area even to let your home breathe.

Possibilities are endless where one simply needs to be careful with the decor plan keeping in mind both the limit and the freedom.

# Balance the Design Scale

The design scale here merely implies the index which checks that every single decor item works in sync with each other. Your house’s interior design must be richly layered incorporating a few large furnishings, some small furnishings, the necessities and the daily use items, less of the decorative things, and, more flowers and fragrance in order to possess a great ambience.

Here are some suggestions to level up the decor index:

  • Frame bathroom mirrors as per space and need
  • Better align homemade hangings and accessories
  • Check for perfect lighting 
  • Keep furniture away from walls
  • Place rugs wherever necessary
  • Make the best of vertical space
  • Pick the wall color appropriately

# Don’t Replace, Instead Reuse

Last but not least, if you want to save the expense of hiring an interior decorator, be an interior designer of your own and craft your house into a home. And for this motive, one of the best ways is to Reuse rather Replace.

Go green and promote Eco homes! 

There is almost everything which can be recycled or reused and can be made to its best, especially when it comes to decoration. This not only reduces your purchasing expenditures but also helps you to reduce waste and be environment-friendly. 

Also, it boosts one’s creativity where the hand made output would keep no comparison with machine-made decorative stuff. The DIY crafts and projects are in the limelight, and one can have access to the internet for related searches for home decorations.

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle but don’t replace the materials. You can portray your talent, creativity and resourcefulness while personalizing your living spaces, thus, making your home unpredicted, impressive and very original. 

The Afterwords

Interior designing and decoration is something built up in the mind. It doesn’t mandatorily require a degree to sketch your own home or any other place to give it a new look or reshape it. There is none better than your own self, experienced or not(doesn’t matter), who can transform a space into a worth living place by applying the dexterities using one’s imagination.

The best interior designing is showcasing the most in the least where every item serves a purpose of being placed as a decor piece.


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