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College Students: The Need and Peculiarities of Compliance with The Principles of Academic Integrity

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The tradition of low-quality, incompatible with the best world experience and requirements of academic writing practices (imperfect structure of scientific article and annotation to it, lack of tradition of a proper review, the need for scientific publications for the report, rather than as a presentation of one’s own research, etc.) is a lasting obstacle to the development of good academic writing skills.

The pressure of these traditions significantly slows down the spread of best practices in academic writing among researchers and teachers, as well as among students. Teachers partly teach students the same writing skills they have. Separate academic writing courses for college students are now the exception rather than the rule.

Fortunately, today there are many online services that are ready to provide students with fast essay writing services. Top writers know the basics of academic writing and offer fast essays at affordable prices. Having applied to such a fast essay writing service, the student will certainly be pleased with the quality of the completed assignment, which is made for sale. Therefore, the services of obtaining fast essays are considered quite convenient today. Despite this, young people should develop academic writing skills from the moment they enter college. They need to understand the difference between school writing and academic writing. 

In this review, it seems appropriate to consider the need and peculiarities of compliance with the principles of academic integrity in more detail.

What Does the Notion of Academic Integrity Include?

Academic integrity is an important factor in the success of higher education institutions. It is based on the trust of colleagues, employers, customers of educational and research services, sponsors, grantors, other partners, necessary for the proper resource provision of quality higher education.

For a student, academic integrity is important not only because its violations may result in sanctions in the form of deductions, unsatisfactory assessments of the final control, loss of a scholarship, etc. Equally important is that an adherence to the principles of academic integrity builds confidence in learning outcomes and enhances graduates` future careers, employment, and living standards. The bad reputation not only of the student but also of the higher education institution is a significant obstacle to academic mobility and getting a good job after graduation.

Adherence to academic integrity involves:

  • Reference to sources of information in the case of the use of ideas, developments, statements, information;
  • Compliance with copyright and related rights legislation;
  • Providing reliable information about research methods and results, sources of information used and own scientific activities;
  • Self-control over the observance of academic integrity;
  • Objective assessment of own learning outcomes.

Creation of an Atmosphere of Academic Integrity

Creating an atmosphere of academic integrity in every institution of higher education is rather a difficult, long, but necessary process. First of all, it is important to ensure that all participants in the educational process, especially students, understand the essence of academic integrity, legal requirements, and internal regulations on these issues, the main types of violations, patterns of correct behavior in various situations that can lead to violations. The following tools and activities can be applied for this purpose:

  • Courses for students on academic integrity, which can be credited as part of planned activities for independent work;
  • Self-education of students with the subsequent control of results of training;
  • Lectures, presentations, training, seminars with the invitation of authoritative specialists;
  • Exchange of experience between students.

Basic Issues of Academic Integrity Training

The main issues of academic integrity training should be:

  • The concept of academic integrity and the benefits of good behavior;
  • Basic and detailed types of violations of academic integrity, ways of their identification, delimitation of contradictory cases;
  • Tools and procedures for checking academic works for plagiarism, ways to identify other violations of academic integrity;
  • Methods of mastering academic integrity;
  • Tools and ways to motivate to virtuous behavior;
  • Legislation, requirements of internal regulations on academic integrity, methods of prevention of violations, types of academic liability;
  • Study and implementation of practices of the world’s leading colleges to ensure academic integrity, etc.

Knowledge and Skills on the Issue of Academic Integrity

Summarizing all of the above, it is appropriate to briefly list the skills and knowledge that students must acquire while studying in college:

  • Search, select and evaluate the quality of sources;
  • Make notes, always indicating the source;
  • Highlight the main ideas in the text;
  • Summarize the text and ideas;
  • To paraphrase other people’s thoughts in their own words concisely, in detail, without changing the content of these thoughts;
  • Correctly describe the reference to the source;
  • Know about the forms of academic plagiarism and ways to prevent it;
  • Formulate and clearly express their own opinions;
  • Know the structure of the academic text;
  • Be able to distinguish the text of quotations in your own text, etc.

Thus, in the course of training in college, the student should master different competencies of academic integrity. This is a complex process that requires a long and persistent effort. However, it is possible to do this, the main thing is to strive to achieve a goal.

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