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February 2022: Events, Festivals, Holidays, National and International Days


India is a prosperous country in culture, and many festivals are celebrated here. 

February is also a particular month for festivals and events. February is known as Phalguna month in the Hindu calendar.

Festivals are widely spread in India. Every month has many festivals.

It’s about the joy that every month there is a festival.

As we all know, February has 28 days and 29 days in a leap year.

It is the second month of the year. Important dates and days observed to generate awareness. Many festivals and events come in February, and here we will take a look at all of them.

Many days of February have different events and festivals or occasions. We are going to discuss them in this article. We hope that it will help you to make yourself aware.

February Important Festivals, Events or Days, Dates


 Name of important Days

1 February

Indian Coast Guard Day

2 February

 World Wetlands Day

4 February

World Cancer Day

5 February to 13 February

Kala Ghoda Festival

6 February

International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation 

6 February to 12 February 

International Development Week

7 February

Rose Day

8 February

Propose Day

8 February 

Safer Internet Day (second day of the second week of February)

9 February 

Chocolate Day

10 February 

 National De-worming Day

10 February 

Teddy Day

11 February

World Day of the Sick

11 February

Promise Day

11 February

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

12 February 

Darwin Day

12 February 

Kiss Day

12 February

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

12 February 

 National Productivity Day

13 February

World Radio Day

13 February

Hug Day

13 February 

Sarojini Naidu Birth Anniversary 

14 February 

Valentine’s Day

18 February to 27 February 

Taj Mahotsav

20 February

Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day

20 February 

World Day of Social Justice

21 February 

 International Mother Language Day

22 February

World Scout Day

24 February 

Central Excise Day

27 February 

World NGO Day

28 February 

National Science Day

28 February 

Rare Disease Day

1st February – Indian Coast Guard Day

Every year on 1st February, Indian coastal Day is celebrated. It would be India’s 46th Indian coastal guard day on 1st February 2022. The Indian Coast Guard is growing, and it has the 4th largest coast guard.

The Indian Coast Guard’s motto is “Vayam Rakshamah,” i.e., we protect.

2nd February – World Wetlands Day

On 2nd February, World Wetland day is celebrated every year. It indicates the anniversary of the convention’s adoption on the wetlands in Ramsar, Iran.

This year’s theme is “world’s action for people and nature.”

Wetlands are the most productive ecosystem globally, and that’s why this day is celebrated to increase this effective system’s value and save it for our coming generation.

4th February – World Cancer Day

The first goal to organize world cancer day is to reduce illness and death caused by cancer.

It is celebrated on 4th February every year.

The new world cancer day theme from 2022 to 2024 closes the care gap to identify barriers for many people in this world.

4th February – Surajkund Mela 

In Haryana’s district Faridabad, Surajkund Mela is a famous Mela representing Indian history, culture, and Heritage.

This Mela has the richness & diversity of handmade crafts and Handlooms, and many fabric stuff are seen, which is very famous in this Mela.

It is organized every year on this Day.

5th February to 13th February – Kala Ghoda Festival

The Kala Ghoda Festival is also celebrated in South Mumbai, India. It is a festival which Runs nine days long, and this year it will be celebrated from 5th February to 13th February.

Kala Ghoda Association organized this program. Many activities like arts, dance, music theatre, cinema literature workshops, Heritage walks, urban design, and architecture food making section are the parts of the festival.

5th February – Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami is also a very enthusiastic festival. This Day, we worship Maa Saraswati, a goddess of knowledge, art, and music.

Saraswati Puja has a unique theme of wearing yellow dresses. So many people wear yellow on this Day.

10th February – National Deworming day

It is the beginning of the Indian government by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to make every child free from a worm in India.

11th February – International Day of women and Girls in Science

This Day is celebrated to recognize the role of women and girls in science for benefits and as an agent of a change maker.

Science knowledge can take them up high in many areas, and they can be a leader. Thus the representation and empowerment of women would increase.

It is an international day celebrated globally in different ways .it’s action will appeal to the collective voices on equity in science.

12th February – Charles Darwin day

This Day is celebrated in memory of Charles Darwin, who is the father of biology.

This Day tells us about his contribution to science which is evolutionary.

Origin of Species is one of the famous books of Darwin.

12th February – Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, born on 12tFebruary, 1809. He was the most rewarding and uniquely appealing United States President, and he was famous for his honest Abe.

So there is a public holiday on his birthday for his contribution.

13th February -World Radio day

It is celebrated on 13th February to spread awareness about the importance of radio. It is prevalent in many countries because radio is an essential source of information.

Its importance can’t be neglected, that’s why on 13th February World Radio Day was celebrated.

13th February Women’s Day – Sarojini Naidu birth anniversary

Women’s Day is celebrated in memory of Sarojini Naidu. She was a good politician, poet, and governor of Uttar Pradesh. She has an attractive personality as a social person or political person. She is known as The Nightingale of India.

14th February – Saint Valentine’s Day

This Day is trendy among all the people, especially the young generation. It is celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine, who lived in Rome. 

He taught people about love through his many activities of life. 

18th February to 27th February – Taj Mahotsav

On 18th February, Taj Mahotsav is celebrated at Agra every year due to India’s rich culture and heritage.

Taj Mahotsav will begin on 18th February, and it will run till 27th February.

Taj Mahal represents the importance of the Mughal Era and displays the finest specimens of Indian craftsmanship.

20th February – World Day of Social Justice

This Day is celebrated globally to encourage people to draw their attention to how Social Justice helps eradicate poverty.

21st February – International Mother Language Day

This Day is celebrated to make the people aware of the diversity of the language and its variety.

This Day spreads awareness about the language, culture & diversity across the world.

22nd February – World Scout Day

Every year, World Scout Day is celebrated by millions of scouts worldwide, and it is the birthday of Lord Baden Powell, a pioneer of scouting.

24th February – Central Excise Day 

This Day is celebrated every year on 24th February across India to encourage the employees of the excise department to carry out the department’s duty in a better way and prevent corruption.

28th February – National Science Day

National Science Day is celebrated every year on 28th February to highlight the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Chandra Shekhar Venkat Raman.

He discovered the Raman effect, so this Day is celebrated for his contribution to science. 

India is a land of festivals. This Festival season in India is widely spread. We have discussed several events and festivals in February to make the people aware. We would feel glad if you would like it.