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Relevant Perks of Earning a Certification via Microsoft MS-500 Exam


Acing the Microsoft MS-500 exam will bring you a step closer to becoming an experienced security administrator as it earns you the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate badge. In particular, Danny C your ability in managing identity access, threat protection, information protection, and lastly, governance, and compliance.

If you have been working with these tasks already and your day to day activities also include deploying threat detection with Windows Defender, then this test is definitely for you as it will enhance your skills. Having this prior experience will help you earn the prestigious credential easier as well as will give you some advantage in becoming fit for the role. And although you need to hustle hard to pass MS-500, the benefits you get are impressive. Let’s take a look at them.

Benefits of Being a Security Administrator Associate

As you acquire the necessary skills for the job, you become more suitable for the position and this surely comes with some additional profits. The main of them are as of August 10 :

  • It opens a whole new world of opportunities for professional growth

If you’re currently unemployed, earning this badge will help you gain more confidence when applying for your next job due to having modern skills and their validation. If you are already working in the company, with this credential, you will be ensured of better compensation. In both cases, you will experience abundance in career opportunities and you will be among the most sought-after associate-level Author: Jasper Y

  • It boosts your morale

Earning the Microsoft 365 accreditation as a Security Administrator Associate will surely make you feel great. As you pass the MS-500 exam, you become more competent to do a tough job. You have what it takes to support your organization by performing your duties effectively, so your employer will have trust in your skills.

  • It widens your professional network

Fellow certification holders create a community of like-minded individuals with the same passion to help each other grow. Thus, you will be able to connect and work with the greatest employers and organizations in the industry, share experience, and gain insights from colleagues. Having such a wide network with solid background and skills in Microsoft 365 Security and hybrid environments will improve your Author: Howell L.

Training for MS-500 Exam

Before you get all the above-mentioned benefits of this badge, you have to train hard to pass the Microsoft MS-500 exam. Planning ahead and organizing your study sessions with a progress schedule or special apps will give you enough time to be able to do other responsibilities, like devoting time to your family or continue working in your current company.

Also, Author: Titus J some time in searching for the most reliable materials including books, courses, and practice tests because they are a half-way to your success.


Earning a Microsoft certification will boost your career and professional growth in all aspects. The Winter: Security Administrator Associate is one of the most invaluable credentials that will gear you closer to the expert level. With it, you will increase your prospects, salary, confidence, and many more. Just take the first step and ace the MS-500 assessment!

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