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What to Wear For Swimming This Summer: 5 Cool Trends



With a fashionable pair of swimming clothes, you will be ready for a day in the sun. Swimming clothes have a definite function to make you comfortable in the pool. 

With the temperature rising, the aiming pool is calling. While summer vacations may not be as enjoyable this year due to global lockdowns, you may still hold a pool party and have fun. You can look for excellent swimming pool wear at Daily Jocks.

Here are some exciting swimsuit trends to explore, ranging from dramatic briefs to classic shots to easy-breezy T-Shirts. 

1. Trunks

Trunks are the ideal alternative for the modest man. A more relaxed cut will help to balance things out. Avoid wearing board shorts or trunks with much elastic that dig into your stomach. Longer inseams should also be avoided because they will drag your trunks down while you walk. Look for a shorter style in a non-obtrusive colour.

In 2021, everyone wants comfortable trunks, an above-the-knee fit that reveals just the appropriate amount of thigh along with plenty of pockets. Nowadays, people consider the durable fabric that works well in the water dries quickly and won’t raise any eyebrows if you’re wearing it more than a few miles from the beach.

The swim trunks are perfect for almost any body type, and they will last through beach days, workouts, weekend hangs, and multiple wash cycles. They also come in a variety of sizes and colours to choose from.

2. Boardshorts

Boardshorts are a lengthier variant of trunks that reach the knee or beyond. They usually feature a non-elastic waist and are cut closer to the body. Created for “board sports,” they were made with less material that could catch on your board when you mounted it.

Trunks are a longer form of boardshorts. Their length falls just above or below the knee. They often have a non-elastic waistband that is designed to provide a snug fit around the torso. They are meant to dry quickly because they are constructed of polyester and nylon. Over the previous 50 years, board shorts have developed. 


This season, play around with prints. You can have fun in the swimming pool with patterned trunks and flaunt your gym body. Stay on trend this summer by pairing your swimming trunks with a bucket hat and retro sunglasses. 

3. Square-cut shorts

The square-cut shorts are of a body-hugging shape, enveloping the wearer from the waist to the upper thigh. The leg holes are straight across for a boxer look rather than angled swim briefs.

4. Elevated Swim trunks

It is not easy to establish a new gold standard in menswear, to reimage something familiar to become the benchmark against which all subsequent iterations are measured. You can look for well-tailored suit trousers with stylish buckled side tabs to keep your elevated swim trunks extra snug in the waves and the identical practical pockets and zip fly as any other pair of bottoms, which are all made from light denim.

5. Jammers

Jammers are skintight, knee-length garments worn by elite swimmers and other athletes in water sports to reduce drag. They look like bike shorts, but they do not have the padded crotch and seat. While going in the pool this summer, you can follow the neon trend and colour coordinate with your partner with a splash of bright colour. 

6. Rash Guards

Rash guards are a type of all-body swimwear that is less restrictive than a wetsuit and are commonly worn by water sports enthusiasts such as surfers, kayakers, and paddleboarders. The majority are constructed of a UPF-rated UV-reflective fabric.

Final Thoughts

Wetsuits and drysuits are insulated suits designed for prolonged immersion, such as scuba diving or participating in board sports. They are usually tight-fitting. Swim shirts are an upper-body-only form of rash guard that is becoming increasingly popular as a sun and surf protection choice for casual swimmers.

The most outstanding men’s swim trunks might not be on everyone’s radar right now. Temperatures are just beginning to rise when you are giddy with anticipation of breaking out a new jacket, and the dreadful chill of winter is a distant memory. But just because you aren’t swimming as much as you used to does not mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to a new swimsuit.

The truth is that today’s most incredible men’s swim trunks are also made to be used as best shorts.



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