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Get to Know Fabric Types for Complimenting Flower Girls Dresses

Flower Girls Dresses

Flower girls are darling little princesses aged 3 to 8. They move down the aisle scattering pink and red rose petals all along the path. She can even carry single bloom or blow bubbles or tote basketful of confetti and candies.

Flower girl’s personality is precious and makes guests smile even if they drop the basket or cry. Standard dress for flower girls is a knee-length white dress with satin bow or bonnet but are not limited to them.

Fortunately, flower girl dresses can be styled beautifully with a creative vision. The fashion designer transforms flower girl dress into something fashionable, which turns vibrant when the lovely small girls with pink chubby cheeks wear it. The final style depends on the selected fabric to design the flower girl dress.

Silk, satin, organza, taffeta, and tulle are the different varieties of fabrics having a unique beauty and distinct characteristics. The material and color chosen can make the gown style appear a little different. If you are wondering what kind of fabric will compliment a flower girl dress then let’s look at all the materials in detail.


Silk fabric’s visual splendor inspires creative designers because it is a natural fiber including amazing properties. Pure raw silk is costly but is crisp and stiff therefore not comfortable for little flower girls.

Fortunately, modern silk dresses are tailored from blended materials. Synthetic fabrics and silk get woven together, which ensures softness. Thus, the wearers get a comfortable feel and beauty of silk. Moreover, these blended creations are easy to take care of than pure silk. They are even machine-washable.

Examples of some silk blends with synthetic fibers that are spectacular to look at and comfortable to wear are-

  • Shantung silk is a less expensive option
  • Dupioni silk has thick and coarse fiber than Shantung but similar luster. As the fabric is merged with stubbed yarns, its texture is uneven.
  • Silk Faille is lustrous and smooth fabric. It possesses a distinctive ribbed structure but has an easy drape.


Majority of flower girl gown is made from satin material. Satin is an umbrella name for smooth woven materials like silk, poplin, rayon, and polyester. On the upper side this material is glossy and on the reverse it is dull. To create a wedding or flower girl gowns heavy matte satin is used. It has little less sheen but creates a memorable style.


This fabric is crisp and sheer like chiffon. It has a stiff texture and resembles tulle. However, it is more flowing material than tulle. Organza can be woven from a variety of textile fibers. It is a great overlay material that adds shimmer to a style when used as a top layer.


It is most lustrous fabric with smooth, crisp and slight rib texture. Two-tone taffeta fabric offers two color appearance in a single fabric.


Sheer netting in hexagonal mesh pattern designed from rayon, silk or nylon and is a reminder of ballerina tutu. Lovely layers can be designed with tulle fabric as its stiffness ranges from light to medium.


Delicate transparent fabric that is layered to obtain the flowing style. Chiffon has a soft finish and drapes gracefully.

Other fabrics that must never be overlooked are velvet, batiste, crepe, georgette, damask, organdy, voile, and cotton sateen. White flower girl dresses are available in extensive varieties including different necklines and lengths. There are some styles that look flattering on any kind of body type. Visit online and check all the flower girl dress styles!


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