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E-Commerce Trends That Would Drive Sales In 2019

E-Commerce Trends

One of the e-commerce industry trends that would drive sales in 2019 is a greater conversation with the consumers. Experts feel that 2019 would see a greater number of programs where brands and businesses would be integrating opportunities to converse with people in a thoughtful manner. They feel that user experience has become like a giant ecosystem in itself. It includes everything – what people experience before buying a product, what they experience after buying it, and everything in between. Experts are saying that the clicks are no longer the path to conversion. Rather they have been upended by conversation. They suggest that brands should be thinking first of situations where it would make sense to talk with their potential customers.  

Chatbot AI

Chatbot AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to be one of the major shipping industry trends in 2019. It would play a major role in driving greater sales to brands. Chatbots happen to be relatively new when it comes to the e-commerce market. However, Gartner has forecast that by 2020 25 percent of customer services and support systems would have these. This is primarily because customers always want right and quick answers to their questions, as has been pointed out by the experts. 

AR Would Explode

AR (Augmented Reality) is going to be really big come 2019 as far as popularity is concerned. These days, entities such as Shopify are bringing out some great tools in this regard and they also happen to be backed by the likes of 3D Warehouse. At the same time, it needs to be pointed out that the number of 3D (Three Dimensional) modeling experts is on the rise as well. All these factors are expected to play a major role in this regard for sure. As far as the consumers are concerned this means they would have a richer buying experience.


All around the world people are spending a lot of time watching video content and it is expected that this would spill over to the e-commerce sector as well. Experts say that this too is going to be among the major shipping industry trends for this year. They opine that with video brands are able to present their products in a much more personal way to the consumers and they also feel a lot more engaged as a result of the same. The product pages too would have some great video content from now on.

Voice Search

Right now the amount of voice queries takes up only 20 percent of the entire volume of search queries all over. However, it is expected that by 2020 this would go up to 50 percent and it can be expected that we would see a fair bit of that growth in 2019 as well. Experts say that eCommerce companies need to capitalize on this because an increasing number of customers are now buying from devices such as Google Home or Alexa. They feel that it would be better to concentrate on long tail keywords in this case. 

Onsite Personalization 

Accenture says that 43 percent of the customers these days prefer companies that are able to provide them a personalized experience. Experts say that the merchants that invest in this particular facet would see the maximum sales. So, you can expect it to be one of the most important shipping industry trends of 2019. They say that now is the right time for companies to use all the data that they have gathered to date about their customers and put it to use. The end aim here should be to make the websites dynamic so that they are personalized for each user.

Personalized Products 

This point is related to the one that has been mentioned just now. In fact, experts are talking about examples such as Spoke, Third Love, and Son of a Tailor. These brands are changing the way people are buying their clothes. They have done this by bringing about a more personalized and better fitting approach to fashion. Experts say that at the heart of all this is the fit finder. Entities such as Shopify Partners are playing a major role in this as well. These days, a greater number of brands are looking to offer such a personalized approach to fashion.


Micro markets are also going to play a major role in this particular context in 2019. Experts feel that the digital retail industry would gain significant momentum from 2019 onwards. They feel that two movements, which are related to each other, would play a major role in this regard. The first one of them is the micro marketplace. This would allow people the chance to buy products outside the conventional e-commerce platforms. In fact, as they have pointed out, these experiences are already there on platforms such as Instagram and Google.


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E-Commerce Trends
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