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Elevator Shoes For Men (Height Increasing)

elevator shoes for men

Did you know height influences your romantic or professional life? Whether you’re a man or a woman, your height plays an important role in your life. When it comes to men, height is an issue that affects their ego. 

Women often say they are looking for a tall and handsome man because of various reasons. The notion behind this concept is that tall men are successful, attractive, athletic, and intelligent. But, what happens to the shorter men who are looked down upon by society. It’s not their wish to be of average height.   

This is why at guidomaggi, we sell shoes that make you look taller. Our shoes have been crafted to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for casual or official wear we have it. You’ll surely look stylish, attractive, and successful when walking down the streets.  

About elevator shoes

If you think height increasing shoes are a new invention and lack of style, you’re mistaken. The shoes have been in existence since 1977, though, during this period, they were uncomfortable and lacked fashion sense. 

Thanks to technology and new fashion ideas, the shoes have been modified to become comfortable and trendy. For this reason, most celebrities nowadays are after elevator shoes since they are now considered the new fashion sense. 

The actors, musicians, and even top professionals you see gracing your screens have embraced and acknowledged this particular fashion. This has even forced retailers and supplies to stock the elevator shoes because of its high market demand.   

How elevator shoes work

When one hears about shoes that make you taller, what comes to mind are the huge and raised heels. This is what used to happen to height-increasing shoes, especially in men’s wear. Their shoes were made with a height addition heel at the sole of the shoe. Hence, people considered them to be ugly and uncomfortable.

Today manufactures are making elevator shoes that hide the extra height. This means only you’ll be aware of the additional height in the shoes. Instead of focusing on the sole, the manufacturers have extra height filler, fitted in the shoe. The outsole and insole have shared the extra height proportionally unlike before.

You could opt for a shoe height increase starting from 2 to 6 inches depending on your taste and preferences.     


I have not seen shoes as stable as elevator shoes. Even with the increasing height features, elevator shoes remain one of the most stable shoes you may ever come across. They are well balanced and rigid enough to withstand the pressure exerted by the legs to the ground. Besides, elevator shoes are good to the ankles. Rarely will you hear cases of people falling down because they are wearing elevator shoes?

Most manufacturers put proper threads on the sole and just the right sole size for comfort and stability. 

Elevator shoes have an interesting working mechanism. It starts with the design process and ends with a stable and comfortable pair of shoes for the user. The designers test the shoes for different factors and adjust them accordingly for comfortable wear.  There has also been a revolution in how comfort is enhanced on elevator shoes. As time goes by, more and more adjustments may come through for a better elevator shoe experience.


At, we sell various types of shoes that go with any occasion. Whether you are looking for dinner, casual, official, or sportswear, we have you covered. Our luxurious collection of Italian elevator shoes has been tailored to fit all your needs. Therefore shop with us and discover more about your fashion sense.


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elevator shoes for men
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