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6 Tips to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Fabulous Holiday Tips

Most of the times you decide whether to go or not in a holiday depending on your available budget – and, obviously, in most cases, you will say that you just don’t have enough money to fully enjoy your holiday or the location of your choice.

However, when deciding such things, we do miss some essential points of what traveling basically means – you should mainly explore, discover, and enjoy the location of your choice.

Nobody ever tells us to buy expensive food or stay in one-star hotels – if you do everything right, from start to finish, you can stay in a hotel or place that’s just the way you like it, and have a fabulous holiday without having to break into a bank and flee to the Caribbean after you’re done with it.

So, here are 6 of the tips you need to know if you want to have a fabulous holiday without leaving holes in your pockets!

1. Plan Ahead

Naturally, if you come up with some goals, in terms of expenses, while taking into account everything that you must do and all the things that you have to do, it will be much easier for you to keep track of your budget and actually stop spending when you should.

A good plan will also give you the chance to make changes that won’t affect your budget – if you change your mind about a certain thing, you’ll know exactly if you can replace it with something or if you just have to scrap it.

2. Flight Options and Travel Plans

Obviously, if you don’t want to break the bank, you’ll have to rely on longer flights that have at least one connection – they are usually much cheaper than direct flights and can save you A LOT of money.

When it comes to traveling to your location of choice, be fully flexible – after all, you’d rather eventually get there, rather than getting there with a couple of hundreds of dollars in minus.

3. Free Sightseeing Options

When seeing is what you want, you should first explore the free sightseeing options – this before any other thing. See everything that your location of choice has to offer for free and, then, if you are still not pleased with what you’ve seen, you can start paying for museum entries and such.

4. Technology Is Your Best Friend

Prepare your apps before you start traveling – long before searching for airport transfers in Milan, you’ll want to have an offline database of common Italian phrases, for example.

Also, Google Maps offline data might come in very handy if you end up in a beautiful remote village where cell signal is nowhere to be found. Moreover, in terms of budget, you can use Mint and keep track of it and of your expenses as well.

5. Hostels and Guest Houses

We know – everybody would want to stay in a luxurious hotel while on holiday. However, you’d be surprised how beautiful some hostels and guesthouses out there actually are.

Moreover, they can be much more welcoming than any of the top-tier hotels you come across while doing your online research – in short, don’t scroll past these and give them a look, as they might come with just what you need for your holiday.

6. Self-Driving or Walking

Taxis are expensive – especially if you are in a foreign country or in a region that has its economy based on tourism.

That’s why it is recommended that you have your daily traveling based on either walking or self-driving.

Sometimes, it might be much cheaper to rent a car, bike, or scooter than to take a cab from here to there. Obviously, taking some time and actually walking to your destination will keep you in shape and also give you the chance to see more of the city/ place you are visiting!


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Fabulous Holiday Tips
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