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How to Put Study Abroad on a Resume: A Helpful Guide

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Did you know that the number of U.S. students studying abroad for credit during the 2016-2017 academic year was 332,727 students? If you are part of the percentage of students studying abroad, you might be wondering how to put study abroad on a resume. 

There are several options on how to include this in your resume. Keep reading to learn how to include it as you’re crafting your resume.

Where and How to Put Study Abroad on a Resume

Sometimes articulating your studies abroad can be challenging. Summarizing your studies into bullet points might even feel impossible because studying abroad was an entire experience of a new culture. There is a way to make your studies a valuable addition to your resume.


While you studied abroad there were many skills that you inevitably acquired. You can list those new skills using bullet points. Whether you learned a new language, learned to take on a leadership role, mastered your teamwork skills you can add everything under skills.

You can list your new language and share in parenthesis next to it where you were and how many semesters.

For example, “Novice in French (two semesters in France).” 


Under the education section on your resume, you can list your studies. This might seem obvious but some people do not include it because they feel it doesn’t count since it wasn’t in the states. The good news is that it does count.

Follow the same format your resume templates education section looks like. Make sure to list the name of the university or the organization that you studied abroad with. Also, list the city and the country where you studied along with the month and year you started and ended.

As far as your studies you can list the subject you concentrated on whether it was history, language, etc. You can also list the classes that you completed that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Last but not least, if you received any honors, make sure to list them as well.


If you volunteered or did an internship while you were studying abroad you want to make sure you include this under experience in your resume.

For example, if you had a marketing internship in Spain make sure you list the name of the company your internship was with along with your title. List all of the work experience associated with your position such as creating flyers, presentations you did, etc.

Happy Resume Writing!

Hats off to you for taking on the challenge of studying abroad. There’s no reason to omit it or downplay it on your resume now that you know how to put study abroad on a resume. 

Now it’s time to go show off everything you learned and did while you studied abroad! Impress your future employer with your newfound skills and experiences that only some dream of doing!

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